¿Is weed legal in Jamaica?

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How are you today, I am going to talk to you about all the truths and legends about marijuana in Jamaica. However, the truth is that we need to return to the long history of this Caribbean island to know the period of prohibition that has characterized it for so long (1913-2015) and which ended with certainly more liberal laws, in force until today.

To explain the situation of marijuana in Jamaica, let's start with a little history.

The "first cannabis" in Jamaica

The history of the Caribbean island is characterized above all by the oppression and slavery caused by the British Empire. Cannabis, however, was imported by Indian servants from the mid-19th century.

Therefore, the first seeds of India will be those that will begin a flourishing cultivation of marijuana plants. In fact, thanks to the fusion of these two civilizations, the herb would become popular especially among the more humble classes.

High consumption was estimated among men, women and children belonging to rural castes: 70% used grass; although many studies show that, even today, its use has been widely extended compared to before.

The influence of India in Jamaica is also evident from a careful analysis of the term "Ganja": a term of Sanskrit origin translated precisely as "hemp".

The birth of Rastafarian culture in Jamaica


Marijuana use in Jamaica has been consolidated since 1920, when a group of religious began to profess their beliefs, namely Rastafarianism, on the island.

This movement originates in Ethiopia from the hand of Emperor Ras ("head") and Tafari ("the respected"). The emergence of this new culture led to the consolidation of cannabis, considered essential during religious ceremonies.

Rastafarians, in fact, during meditation or the so-called "reasoning sessions" circle the "sacred" herb to generally discuss moral issues. One of the most interesting features of such functions is that, the passage of marijuana is done counterclockwise to get in touch with “Jah,” the only God they worship.

The use of grass is not only related to the ability to alter the mind, but, according to the devotees of the Jah cult, it can lead to deeper hope. In fact, there are also rituals marked by dances, music and smoke whose purpose is to celebrate the benefits of the herb itself.

It is also intriguing that Rastafarians consider cannabis as a part of the tree of life mentioned in the Bible, since they believe that the herb is a tool to achieve greater knowledge of oneself, the universe and God. Therefore, it is the vehicle that leads to cosmic knowledge.

This movement celebrates wisdom and self-control, so it is contrary to any form of drunkenness.

You can not fail to mention Bob Marley, a giant of reggae music that promoted the Rastafarian religion through his songs, promoting the concepts of "peace and love" to combat political and racial oppression

Cannabis popularity in Jamaica.


Reggae's homeland has registered a growing number of cannabis users since 1970. All of this is, of course, due to the spread of Rastafarianism and Marley's music (it's no coincidence that our company is called JustBob!) Or Peter Tosh, who openly praised his love for this plant.

Over time, cannabis consumer clubs have emerged whose purpose is to provide good quality ganja to local consumers.

This market helps to ensure not only the high quality of a production, but is closely related to the benefits that could be derived from the legalization of marijuana.

Despite the legislative situation now present in Jamaica, it is possible that the inhabitants continue to struggle to subvert the situation again and free the country to be as they dream and as tourists have always imagined.

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gentlemen, someone has a pot of marijuana jejejejje

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So is it legal ? How much is legal?
The amount a person can have on them is limited. Help me out here people in the yawd (I believe it’s 2 grams) - do some research to confirm this.

If you live in Jamaica you can up to two plants (research needed here - this is from the top of my head)
To all those who participate in the herbs and you are planning to visit - make sure you are within limits (of self and the law)
Stay Irie.

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well I live in Spain, and here it is legal to sell the seed, but it is not legal to grow it, in that there is a legal vacuum, so here in Spain at least now it is growing but inside the houses, and the Chinese are the ones more do

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😆 you can sell the seeds but can’t grow? That’s an interesting situation. What do they think people do with the seeds? 🤔


Well, like everyone else and like me, sow it and reap its rewards jjejejje

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