The Queen of Africa| Yemi Alade - A ReggeaSteem Music Review...

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Hope Weds isa great as you guys are today!

I am back with another reggeasteem share. This is is more so of an afrobeats review than it really is about reggea. Like I said earlier on, we are all about dance when we are not club hopping in Kenya. So we really appreciate a good dancehall hit such as this one.

I think it is one thing a lot of dancehall artists have come to realized as well. They are constantly making hits that would be appealing to Kenyans in order for those concerts to keep flowing. While Nigerian music is gaining momentum world wide, it has long been a hit in Kenya for as long as I can remember. The rest of the world is just catching up to it.

I love this artist, Yemi Alade, she has a lot of hits and is probably one of the hugest female artists in Africa. Her songs always makes you want to dance even when you are not in a mood to. Like I am today... bleh.. The song above is one of my faves, but I got to say my fave of all time it this next one, Africa- Not only because it is a collabo with some Kenyan Artists , Sauti Soul, but mostly because it is a song about Africa.

On this video you can also see some of the best African scenes you could ever only see in movies, they also highlight some of the proudest of moments for Africans as well as share the love they have for the continent as any other African does.

This last song, Johnny was also one of her greatest hits so far. Probably mostly because a lot of ladies could relate to it. If you have been wondering where your perfect match maybe or if you will ever find him/her, them you might actually love this song.

I should also mention, half the time I am listening to Nigerian Songs I know Not what they are talking about if it's not in English, but just the beats is always enough to be a club banger out here. After all, music is food to the soul :)

Do you know this artist or heard of any of her songs? What is your fave song of her? SHare with me down below if you please :)

Until the next post, Whaaagwaaan :D


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Are the bold words supposed to be links? I will search the songs myself no problem but just letting you know for me they aren't active links.

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Ah yes, from Parikto the Embeds won't show, @elsiekjay , it is good to put the link source under the embed as partiko doesn't show the Embeds.

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This is a popular singer from my country.. My favorite female artiste.. I am happy her success is gradually becoming widespread.

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She's playing in cars here in California!

What a wonderful well- written post, highlighting a great musician.

Thank you for sharing, I have added her to my Pandora Account so that I can keep listening.

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Aaawww, that's so nice! I'm totally sure you'll love dancing to her music, even better if you can watch the music videos :D