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Lion ik animal hai aur uss ko hum jungle ka badsha bhi bolte hai aur yeahi bhut hai zaida dangerous bhi hota hai aur acha bhi hota uss ko zoo maine dekh saktye hai aur jungle maine bhi yeahi rethai hai uss kye khurakh jao hotey hai woh ghoust hotey hai yeahi dusrey animal ka shakaar kar kye apni khurakh purye kartai hai.aur mujhe aur mere bachion ko mere family ko yeahi bhut hai zaida acha lagtai hai.maine ajj hai yeahi photo dekhai hai aur maine soucha app kye saath uss kye photo share kero app dekhai gyee app ko bhi achi lagye gai yeahi mere lion kye photo.aurapp uss ko circuse maine bhi dekh saktye hai.pakistan maine bhut zaida circus maine lion hai jao bhut hai zaida achi hai.


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image source

mere saath saath mere dostion ko bhi lion bhut hai zaida acha lagtai hai woh saab lion ko bhut hai zaida pasand karte hai aur maine bhi bhut zaida pasand kartai hoo humere idher ik zoo hai jidher bhut sy lion bhi hai.choute dil wale loog uss animal sy pachey pachey rehai tu acha hai kyo kye yeahi ik dangerous animal hai.

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