Top 3 Weird and Wimpy-Sounding Boy’s Names (Notes from Under the Tatami Mats–83 … My Adventures in Japan)

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Suddenly, her name took on an agreeable ring. And it still sounds wonderful.

All those “U’s”

As with many strange aspects of Japanese life and culture, these kinds of names seemed weird at first. Eventually, however, they came to sound perfectly normal to me. That was true for a few women’s names as well, but it sure took a while to get used to them.    (Image source)

Kazoo, yoh!

Shortly after I arrived in Japan, I recall meeting a woman named Kazuyo. Also, I distinctly recall thinking that her name was just a little bit too unique (well, strange) for my tastes. It sounded like “kazoo,” with a bit of “yo-yo” appended to it.  

A few years later, I met another young woman named Kazuyo, and we hit it off immediately. She was interesting, attractive pleasant, affectionate, ultra-cool, and marvelous company. Suddenly, the name “Kazuyo” took on an agreeable ring, and, in fact, it sounded wonderful. It still does.   

As for those men’s names … they still sound a bit wimpy to me.

But it’s probably just some cultural and linguistic predilection on my part that makes me think that.      (Image source)

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