JAVVY:- A Distinctive Universal Wallet For All

3년 전

Over the years, crypto-market has suffered a lot due to the insecurities that is rampant in the community. The big guys in the game refused to stay decentralized but rather they chose to use central means of storage to safe people's resources of which the hackers finds to be bonus. Therefore, many users in the crypto-market has become a victim of stolen resources and as a result of this, the crypto-market is loosing out on viable members.

However, seeing then that we can't trust the big guys in the game anymore, there is a need to address the issue with a new platform. Interestingly, javvy is here not just to offer an exchange-system but to also provide a secure wallet at which users can use for all coins and by having that they won't have any reasons to leave the platform to outsider services. Now let's get to know javvy.

It is an establishment seeking to make available all necessary services that we could ever need in the crypto community. It came to existence to provide a viable wallet coupled with a sophisticated and we capable exchange coin, so that the users can have a wide range of flexibility while exploring the setup and having no need to leave the platform for outsider services.

Unlikely many top exchange coin platforms we have in the cryptocoin community that lack the ability to provide a well designed and capable wallet for the people, of which make the members to undergo a lot of stress. This project is seeking to make a difference that will make life easier for the members across the world. Note! This organization is will bring satisfaction to you as a member, by simply providing all that you need to explore the market.

Javvy will be the first establishment to support altcoins in the wallet provided. Therefore, the members will have a swift mode of trading and won't have any need to leave the community for any other setups. It will also provide a security that will make the platform reliable. Unlike the existing system which built their platforms on central model and thereby exposing the users assets to hackers and as a result of this, many user have turn from grace to grass. For example, a friend of mine who own a viable asset lost his asset and after then he came a poor man within a day. Therefore, kudos to javvy as it provides the best safety with the use of decentralization potential in the blockchain-tech.

Here are the detailed information you need to know about this amiable setup.
Token: JVY
Price 1 JVY = 0.0004 ETH
Accepting: ETH
Minimum investment: 0.4 ETH
Soft cap: 1000 ETH
Hard cap: 8000000 USD
Country: Cayman Islands

To conclude, I will like to say that this project is one in a million years, it is embedded with all necessary things any crypto person could ever wanted. Therefore, i believe it will definitely thrive.

Get more info about JAVVY via any of these channels:-

Website: https://javvy.com/

WhitePaper: https://javvy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/javvy_crypto-solution-white-paper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/javvychat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/javvycrypto

Bounty0x Username: Phlaser247

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