Different Size of Jealousy

2년 전

The feeling of jealousy was different and it amazed me. You weren't competing with others. You weren't tripping anybody. You weren't digging anyone's well. But you were uncomfortable seeing any one succeeded.


You weren't running in the same lane, no face of your opponent, or even someone you didn't know any good. In the days when you were unhappy, he saw that something was going wrong in the life of one of the people around him, he was soaking in color that you couldn't stand it when you were bad.

We're not going to get together to have a coffee in the cafes. We're not gonna cook together, we're not gonna have dinner tables together. We're not going to call each other, we're not going to have phone calls that we're thinking about how much better we've got each other in an hour. We will not tell each other about our lives, the people who upset us, the events.


I was among those others, but I preferred not to worry about what I saw.

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