Jellyfish at Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto

3개월 전

Toronto's Jellyfish exhibit is a living work of art. Unsure if it's the most ethical or best habitat for these creatures, it's definetely beautiful. I've seen Jellyfish in the wild: little ones, big ones, clear ones and colorful ones but under a florescent light, they sure are stunning.










The neon lights bring out the best in Jellyfish. These were shot from a Huawei p10 pro (a couple were taken from iPhone 7 plus) and the setting was purposely meant to be photo friendly. This was my first time visiting the aquarium and more posts will follow as this one is dedicated to these unique sea animals.



The ones above are a different breed of Jellyfish. Although there is more substance to them, they aren't a main attraction as they sort of just sit there.

I am considering an aquarium season pass since sea creatures and the atmosphere is relaxing. There is a great opportunity to practice photography. If you go late at night they often have live music and less people. There aren't any sea mammals there and the animals seemed to be doing alright.

Thanks for reading. More aquarium posts to follow.

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I think it is nice that they don't keep sea mammals. Dolphins and whales should be free.

These are really beautiful. It actually reminds me that I have a bunch of photos from a trip to the aquarium at the Oregon coast that I never posted about. I spent forever taking cell phone photos of the jellyfish, they are so weirdly alien and beautiful.

As far as ethical issues with jellyfish being displayed I would think they are pretty minimal. Jellyfish populations are exploding world wide as areas of ocean become too warm or overfished.


Next time I'll bring a better camera and go there even later at night to avoid crowds. Jellyfish don't have brains so as long as they are surviving, they're doing fine. Hopefully more useful creatures find a way to feed off of them.

Hi @crypticat

Wow I was impressed with the beauty of these jellyfish, the photographs are impressive both cell phones used to take the photos has a very good resolution.
To be able to make a comparison it was necessary to place due of each photograph with which the photo was taken.

But no matter, are also very good pictures.

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Thanks Lanzjoseg for your detailed response. This post was a little rushed, just wanted to share the photos as the details don't matter. I recommend and will take my professional camera next time I'm at the aquarium.


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They do make pretty pictures :-)

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