Positioning yourself the correct way

3년 전

Observing these turbulent crypto-environments has been very intriguing in the past five or six years. I’m feeling like the young Amalgorythm, in my early 20s, on the trading floor in NYC in the midst of the DotCom boom!!! Whew, what a ride!

Today I just want to drop a few jems into your firtile hiveminds.

💎 1. If you liked it at $10.00, you should probably love it at $6.00. Meaning, scared money doesn’t make money, and smart money makes tons. If it’s a Coin/Token that you really believe in; meaning their fundamentals are good and their performance indicators doesn’t display too much weakness, it’s probably a good idea to buy more at a lower price and fortify your position. Just something to think about.

💎 2. As we enter into the Christmas holiday, we all know what that means right?!?!!! GIFTS!!! We will witness slight or drastic corrections across the board as people cash in to buy loved ones and friends gifts. Make no mistake, with the strength these markets are showing, December will most likely be a great month to position yourselves in a great many positions at much more equitable levels than we are seeing now. Don’t spend it all on gifts, it’s time to stack up coins at some great prices!!!

💎 3. Due diligence is paramount. It’s not just about coin movement, it’s about the fundamentals of the originators and backers, and the dedication of the community in supporting the vision of the creators. In other words, don’t just jump in to jump in, you may find that the water may be freezing cold. Dip that big toe in first and test the waters. If it’s fine, strip down to your skivvies and dive in!!! All that glitters ain’t gold, but if you dig far enough and don’t give up, I promise you’ll find a buried treasure somewhere on this crypto-island.

As always good people, happy hunting!!! And if my strategies work for you, or even if my words ring true, drop a few coins my way as a thank you.


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