Delegated 625SP to @jerrybanfield.

3년 전

Hey Steemians, what is up. If not for @jerrybanfield, @crypt0 & @dollarvigilante i wouldnt be here. Please check this post that i made 6months ago when i was kinda starting out . Listening to @crypt0 i got into Steemit but as far as the understanding the concepts of Steem,powering up and having a long term vision. All thanks to @jerrybanfield.

If you didn't know of now he has started a venture recently where in you get ~ 36% APR on your Steem power delegation, it was as high as 60% couple of weeks ago. The moment i saw this post i tried to contact Jerry in his discord channel and privately but couldn't get his attention and then i was on a holiday for couple of weeks and work stuffs totally missed out on delegating.

But yeah, alls well. Here's is a basic tutorial on how you can delegate your SP and get ãmazing interest on your SP delegation. There are many ways to delegate SP but this is one of the easiest created by @justyy


Put delegator ID(your ID) and delegatee ID(who you want to delegate to) with the amount you want to delegate. In my case it is 625 SP. Then click delegate via

2)Check if the information( name & reputation value) is correct. You may check this video by Jerry to understand why its important to double check. He explains about this at 02:00 mts to the video and basically goes through the whole delegation process too.

3)Log in to steemconnect via your username and password( its better that you use your account active key and not your master password) which you can get from permissions tab in your wallet.

4)And thats it. You are done.

5)You can check the transaction if successful in

You may check out @jerrybanfield video below to get a better understanding on how this works and why you should delegate too.

Cheers guys, hope you find this helpful and happy delegating.

Bitcoin : 1EDEU9A9D1pJYGkM8JaEEUgdH7U8yUNeXp
ETH & ERC 20 tokens: 0x277be3fe5b9b6fed7eff380bff320f9c1caf69a2


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Does anything else have to be done before delegating? Is there any kind of agreement or can you just do the delegation using the tool and payouts are automatic?


Hi Anthony, First you need steem power that you can delegate and you have enough in your wallet. The payout is daily and will be automaticaly edit to your account. You can power up as much as you want and also if you dont want to delegate you can also power down and get the full amount back after one week


You are very welcome!


Hey @freetousesounds appreciate you responding to @anthonydigital1 . Cheers peeps and glad to connect

Thank you amreshchandra for making a transfer to me for an upvote of 1.37% on this post!

Half of your bid goes to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem like our top 25 posts on Steem!

The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me!

For help, will you please visit because I check my discord server daily?

To learn more about Steem, will you please use because this URL forwards to my most recently updated complete Steem tutorial?

Yeah, man i saw the video its awesome i knew jerry before but, now a days as im not active on youtube so, did not noticed he grown such a huge in last 4 month. Thanks for the sp delegation post cleared everything. Because, i think delegating sp to bid bot are more profitable than other.

So buddy, is it the best bid bot in term of return ?


I guess @Jerry bot has been giving upto 60% APR at one point which certainly is the best roi in the market. Other than this i have made delegations to @minnowbooster too

Does this mean you will no longer vote here? It looks like most of your sp is delegated.


Will still be voting but the power wont be powerful enough lol...Still planning to put in more into Steem: )

Thanks bro for the information.

Thank you very much for delegating and making a complete tutorial showing how you did it! I will plan to resteem this soon!


This info is golden! Thank you for posting this here! We definitely need this kind of quality input. I'm Following you!



Cheers @jerrybanfield. As i said if not for you guys i probably wouldnt have know about Steem.Thanks to you :)

just delegated 1500 to Jerry!!


Wow thats amazing fast @xauxag. Glad to connect and hope to see you around


Yes!! thanks to your post!!!

Wow! Amazon my information about delegation. I will be looking into doing so once my SP gets a bit higher. Cheers @amreshchandra


Slowly but surely mate. Cheers

Hi @amreshchandra thanks for sharing this amazing video. I'm just trying to get to understand #steemit blockchain better than before. But I discovered that my steem connect hasn't been working. What could possibly be wrong?


Yeah, im still learning too mate. btw what were you using steemconnect for?


I was trying to connect it to @minnowbooster project but was not working.


i just did an hour ago following the steps as mentioned in the post. Didnt have any issues. Were to trying to delegate aswell?

Woow amazing fantastis, thanks for sharing my friend l like

Good amazing the post my friend, thanks for sharing

Awesome tutorial. Am I to understand you earn SP by your delegation?
Had a delegation to another service going earlier, but I quit because I got paid out SBDs, and gathering SP seems more important to me right now. thanks ;)


We can change SBD from delegations to Steem and Power it up at


Sorry, Sir. bram17 new beginner in steemit. maybe science that father got very useful for us. even if I am new to beginner I try to vent my determination to fill the column of comments father. in hopes of helping us with the post post. thanks.
follow and vote behind the pack. bram17

I think it is a great idea to delegate some of your SP. @jerrybanfield, is a great choice because he helps new members and is promoting Steemit to bring new users to the platform.

My plan is to increase my SP, then once I unlock the slide bar that allows me to lower the percent of my vote, I plan on beginning to set aside part of my SP to delegate to a worthy cause. This will allow me to increase the number of posts I upvote each day. I truly believe in giving back to the community.

Thank you @amreshchandra for the tutorial on how to delegate SP. I bookmarked the page for when that day comes!


@energehealthier, yea we can give back to the community at the same time be rewarded for it. How cool is that . Wish you all luck

Hi Amres! The better way for delegating is by @yabapmatt.

Jut click on "tools" and "delegation manager". That way you have full control and you see how much you have delegate to anybody. I love using it.


Yeah, there are many ways to delegate. As long as stuff get done. Thanks for sharing :)

Nice post upvote and comment

I hope one to give same delegated😂😂

Nice easy to understand post. I m going to buy more Steem and look into this as well. I m brand new and have a lease request into minnow booster also but I loved my first week here so much that I am looking to really invest. Can't beat Jerrys deal though it seems. I to have followed him a long time on Youtube and glad to see him here. I love this community so far. Its about people helping people and Im all about that.


Yeah @Jerry is real deal :)


Hello @amreshchandra ! Happy to see you brother. We have an Indian Discord community with 250+ members. We would be glad if you join us too ! Thanks! you can join us here Discord

Thank you very much for making a complete tutorial showing how you did it, thanks brother @amreshchandra .

Interesting post. I never really knew how to go about delegating Steem power. Thanks for the info.

Very informative post. Followed you for more interesting posts and upvoted

I hope to get into this delegation stuff soon. I got to understand how it works from @joeparys steemit 2.0 udemy course.


Cheers @mcjoe and good luck :)