The Superlative Jet

4년 전

I like high-tech hardware in general. But I'm not normally a fan of military stuff for a variety of reasons. But last year I stumbled across a remarkably unique jet plain in the parking lot of a museum in my own home town. This is one of the fastest jet airplanes in the world. The A12: titanium skin, mach 3, custom fuel, top-secret for decades. Flew so high, the pilot had to wear a space suit. It is so large, I had a hard time fitting it into the frame:


This next picture has an extra-fun bonus: in the background is one of the previous-fastest jets, the F-104 StarFighter, which was also designed by the same company, Lockheed.


I read about these planes last year, as documented in my previous post

Further reading:

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Wow that thing is insane. Wonder how much a jet like that costs :P

Talk soon.


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