A Chat with a Jew in the Philadelphia Airport

3년 전

F Judaism! Islam and Catholicism too!! Think for yourself, Order Followers!!!

When I said "You think you (fucking) know everything" - that was not necessarily directed toward the individual, or any specific religion, but more so a statement toward religion as a whole and the order followers..

I was a bit disappointed that it came out my mouth that way but I did not want to edit any of this.

It's a pretty straight forward chat, I have real questions for Jews about Judaism. When I said 'fucking' it trigger the preacher man behind me..

I dislike the term - Anti Semitic.. but it is what people understand, especially if the watch both CNN and FOX. That was probably the buzz word going around in preacher man's head, while he stood behind me, ready to pounce when the time was right.

These type of situations are difficult to navigate, hence my slow, over thought speech. And I had a couple beers too...

I'll never say 'essence' again LOLLLL - I love this 16 year old kid and wish nothing for the best for him, and I hope some day he finds true spiritual freedom.

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