Under the light and shadow, see how the old architecture interprets the new "Oriental Waltz"

2년 전

A road in the early morning is gradually awakening the gray bricks. The sound of the trees and trees is not noisy. It only reveals a historical atmosphere. Here is the Jiefang North Road, Jiefang North Road, Jiefang North Road, Jiefang North Road, Jiefang North Road.

nearly a hundred years ago

The road once known as "Oriental Wall Street"

What is the attitude?

A story is played in that wind and rain.

What is the face in contemporary times

Become a European-style tourist destination in the eyes of everyone?

Today, let us

Take a different perspective to witness this historical legend

Spring is the recovery of everything

People who want to come to the house inadvertently

You can also find this piece of flowers.

Heavy flower spikes are swept by the wind

The branches are trembled and the flowers bloom.

Who knows how many cycles?

Summer style, blowing green vines

Smell it carefully

There are still immature grapes

Extracts the breath of youthfulness

The sense of the times of Jiefang North Road was washed away at that time

Leave only a burst of youthful fragrance

Although it is not late autumn, the leaves are occasionally falling.

With its yellowish, messy ground on the ground

As if laying a golden blanket on Jiefang North Road

The whole street is getting quiet and sleeping

The so-called "far from the mountains, the water is silent"

It’s like the winter plum covered by snow in winter

See this root from afar

Romantic pillars that are tall and revealing a solemn atmosphere

When you are near, you will notice the engraving of the waves in this column

Majesty and beauty are ingeniously combined by artistic techniques

Let's complement each other, don't have a charm

Walk through Jiefang North Road

Although its surface is already rough and rough

Nothing beautiful at the beginning

But by chance

You can see a small green leaf protruding from the top

What makes it poke out

Exploring the way forward?

Look up and see this room

A dim glow, reflecting its simplicity

The charm of a history is sent from the middle

The vine struggles to poke out the head

Take a green leaf and shake it

Beside the red brick wall, the window is full of colors

Like the eyes of a pair of wise men, bright and deep

I can't help but linger on my back

The dusty memory is like this metal door

Although ancient, but delicate patterns are dotted with traces of history

Can’t wear away

It witnessed the rise and fall of Jiefang North Road

The sky is a little later, the lights are not yet on

趁The afterglow of the sunset

A quiet review of this quiet courtyard

The sun sets on the street, and the afterglow passes through the blades

Sands of light and shadow on the floor

The Jiefang North Road is also quiet at dusk

Precipitation over time

The beauty of the years is often in those

Ordinary but easily overlooked places

Like a quiet, deep treasure

Waiting to be discovered and explored

At night, the beautiful shadows are hidden in the twilight.

Lights at the end of the road

Inviting visitors to the beautiful Haihe River

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