Tips & Tricks.....Journey of reputation (25 to 60) ....NOW YOUR TURN!!!

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I know that all new people have to face many difficulties to increase their reputation. I am happy to bring some tips and tricks for you so that you can also reach up to 60 reputation easily in few days. For that you must have to follow these following step (Given Below):-

1. You have to write unique content in detail where new catchy words are present and the title of your post must be short and attractive. So that you can attract or influence the peoples and get more attention on your post. These are the peoples who upvote on your post and may be follow you to get more knowledge like that post. It also help to increase your reward and followers.

2. Try to use HD videos and images in your post because images and videos more effective then the words. If your post comes under #travelling #photography #video-editing #art #sketching then try to use more pictures to show more details.

3. In beginning of your Journey write more posts than over in a day.

4. Upvote the trending posts to increase your curation reward.

5. To get more upvote you have to share or promote your post from the bots and sharing post link to steemit groups.

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Happy good day... Keep learning Keep earning...

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Still cant get through it...


If you do hard work then you will get more high reputation

Use a Plattform like Busy.. org to post your steemit article. There you get an upvote for your article by busy every time. that will bring you too more up. ( self upvote for display this trick)

A lot of this is simply not true (such as upvoting trending posts to get higher curation reward), and your story itself is a flat out lie. You got 60 Rep by buying votes, it's as simple as that. I wouldn't normally post on stuff like this but seeing so many new accounts being suckered in is frankly appalling.

Thank you for your post. For a beginner it always seems like forever even to make an SBD from a post. I will give those steps a trial and I hope it helps

thanks @jkgautam75 for sharing this type of information, which would be very helpful for newbies on this platform, like me .

with regards

It could be a survey, Envision a prospect is settling on the intense choice between utilizing your organization or your rival. At last they find something somewhat "off" about your organization's online profile. Seeing how your notoriety Which organization will get the deal?

Thank u for sharing ..

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thank you for sharing wonderful knowledge and good idea so new people can understand how they can grow. Really valuable information.

Excelente articulo.

Tq sir for tips "how to increase my reputation in steemit" I try to follow you tips and tricks. Tq sir.

  1. Upvote the trending posts to increase your curation reward.

This is not true.
If you upvote after whale (or bid bot) you will get small curation reward. You need to vote before.

Your article is very good and helpful

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Well , I don't like the idea of upvote the trending posts. Actually I feel , upvoting new posts with "good" quality is far better choice than upvoting hot or trending posts.


Yes, You also right but I am sharing my experience what I do to get a reputation 60

Thank you so much for your sharing. Love " Keep learning Keep earning"

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For a newbie Is always good to know this kind of stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

really let try this . thnkz for your post

Good initiative

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Thanks sir for sharing this valuable information... I want to join this telegram group. So sir can I join this group?

thanks @jkgautam75 for sharing this post.
I recently created my account on Steemit but i had not much idea about curation power and all. so after reading this post and applying methods as per mentioned in the post i hope i will grow rapidly from here


Yes I am also sure everyone grow rapidly by using these methods. If you are new then follow me for new post about steemit

@jkgautam75 hard work needed ..which u gave to get this reputation!..I will try my best to get this

nice post n thanks for given this information.

@jkgautam75, Thanks for sharing these tips, will follow these points. I thinks everyone should follow these basic steps to climb towards a good rewarding blogging career in @steemit.


So follow me for more knowledgeable Post

Good article

Good article

wow! it is indeed not easy to get there but i think at the end it is worth it. My focus on higher reputation has started. Thank you very much for sharing this

sure gautam this must be done to gain reputation. thanks


Yes I am 100% sure you will also increase your reputation by given above

Nice post

hi, thanks for this post... great,

How to promote our post through bots as u mention above


You can send some money to bots and you get upvote from them with 150% of your money

Thank you for this info, I am brand new and learning my way around. Every little bit helps!