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The ADAB Solutions Company expands the staff of developers and invites specialists in the field of software programming and development (IT). We invite you to join our team and participate in the development of one of the most outstanding projects in the crypto market.
ADAB Solutions develops FICE cryptocurrency exchange. The world’s first cryptocurrency exchange that operates in accordance of Islamic law.
If you have the required knowledge and skills, we will be glad to see you in our team!

Applications are accepted by email:
The office of the company is located in the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah. Working visa registration is at the expense of the company.

📌Fullstack developer
ES6 +
ReactJs, ReactNative, Redux, Typescript, Electron.js
Css, Sass

  • Experience with Web socket, reactive programming
  • Cross platform, adaptive layout / cross platform, responsive / adaptive markup
  • skills in Photoshop (as part of the layout templates for ready-made layouts) / Photoshop foundations.
  • Basic knowledge of * nix (bash, nginx) / Basics of * nix (bash, nginx)
  • Git / Git usage skills
  • Development experience in Java / Java middle developer skills

📌Middle Senior Backend Developer
Required work experience: from 3 years
Full time, full day


  • development of new functionality on the stack: Java, Spring Boot 2, — — Hibernate / Spring Data;
  • update tech-stack of existing services.
  • development of accompanying technical documentation
  • experience in designing microservice architecture
  • knowledge of SQL (PostgreSQL), Redis, RabbitMQ / Kaffka
  • understanding of the work of network technologies, protocols (HTTP);
  • experience with REST API;
  • writing unit tests
  • experience of developing high load / payment systems will be a big plus

📌QA engineer:

  • experience in the field of testing from 2 years
  • understanding of the principles of web applications and API
  • Experience in testing REST API;
  • skills in analyzing logs and find out root-cause errors
  • understanding of the software development process and the place of testing in it, as well as the basic concepts of testing (terms, methods, artifacts);
  • learnability, good analytical skills, attentiveness and responsibility

🔝Great advantage:

  • familiar with microservice architecture, WebSocket API
  • Experience in working with financial technologies (trading platforms, financial markets, exchanges).
    Main tasks
  • Manual and automated product testing (REST / WebSocket API, GUI);
  • Writing automated tests on selenium
  • Release quality control
  • Development of test scenarios
  • Documenting test results

📌DevOps Engineer

  • Experience from 3 years
  • Support for existing IT infrastructure
  • Protection of architectural solutions
  • Development of solutions CI / CD, git (GitFlow, pipelines)
  • Active participation in the transfer of services to the microservice architecture
  • Experience with Docker and AWS ECS orchestrators
  • Understanding of the principle of Infrastructure as code and its successful application with any of the configuration management systems
  • Ability to organize monitoring and collection of metrics to monitor the state of the environment
  • Understanding what a high-load system is and how to achieve this

📌Mobile developer
📝Main tasks:

  • Development of mobile applications for React Native;
  • Create and maintain a library of UX components for React Native


  • Development experience on React Native (in conjunction with Redux / flux) — from 3 years;
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript;
  • Welcome to experience with Swift
  • Experience writing tests
  • Understanding user interface patterns for iOS and Android
  • Experience with high-load client-server applications (REST API);
  • Experience of bringing applications to the release and publication in the Play Market and the App Store

📌Support engineer
Experience from 2 years


  • Maintenance of the platform developed in Java / ReacJs
  • Process customer requests (chat and e-mail), in accordance with the internal SLA. Day and night shifts
  • Maintain an internal wiki. Adding new articles, updating old ones
  • Understanding of how RESTful API works. Understanding of the principles of the HTTP, WebSocket protocols.
  • Experience with cloud services — AWS
  • Communicate with developers on user issues
  • Understanding the basics of crypto exchange functionality

❗️Personal qualities❗️:

  • Teamwork skills
  • Take responsibility for bringing the task to the end
  • The desire to learn new technologies and learn a new subject area
  • Striving to improve team performance

✅What do we offer:
-official registration of employment in ADAB Solutions company;

  • Flexible start of working day;
  • Work in a friendly, highly professional team
    -Orgonized Leisure


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Adab solutions project presents a tremendous opportunity to become a member of a team seeking to change the face of crypto practices in the arab society. It presents an exciting and supportive adventure for every young entrepreneur looking to make a difference. I will most definitely be looking for ways of contributing to the development of this unique project.

I am confident of the success of ADAB Solutions for several reasons.First ADAB is the first exchange in Muslim countries, secondly,a responsible and experienced team and management, in the third,soft cap has already reached and the team is going towards achieving the hardcap goal

The developers of the ADAB Solutions Solutions project are doing the right thing. They have the right development strategy that should lead them to success. I wish you a successful promotion.

The main goal of the project is to reconcile cryptocurrency assets and high moral and cultural values ​​of Islamic states. All this should lead to the creation of a global cryptocurrency platform for both the Muslim people and the entire world.

Hopefully Adab Solutions can reach good and noble goals so that the Muslim community in the world does not hesitate to enter the world of crypto.

I believe that this is one of the best projects at the moment, and definitely promising!

It's very important to bring together a team of professionals who have one thing in mind as goal- creating a unique product that stands them out of other existing products.

High-quality and thoughtful project. Thanks to the developers for that. Blockchain walks the planet and conquers the minds and hearts of people. No one will pass this new technology. Join us, it will be very interesting and creative.

A promising project in the crypto currency market. Don't miss opportunity for investments

First Islamic crypto exchange - FICE has its own Sharia Advisory Board consisting of prominent Islamic leaders This builds a trust to the project in an Islamic environment all around the world.

Be sure to pay attention to the project wishing to receive a stable income in the first months of its investment.

I am sure that a lot of good developers will respond to the creation of such a useful platform and create a simple and understandable exchange!

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It will surely attract million of users around the world. With the features ADAB solutions have, many experienced traders will transfer in this project because they know this project have a future.

This team real amazing. They make all the necessary things for fast and good development of ADAB. The platform will be famous after several weeks, I think so.

ADAB Solutions will generally benefit the market, since halal projects in their essence have utility and value, and will contribute to the development of useful ideas and a decrease in the number of haram projects in the market.

Despite having a team of ground, Adab is looking at brining fresh hands to the team. This is good as it will mean more professionalism and quality of product.

It's very good that the company is actively working and looking for new team members. It's a pity that I'm not a programmer, but I would like to join too. Keep it up!

Got acquainted with the project #ADAB – adequate and promising conditions, we will work on exhaust expect in two months.

Decided to invest part of funds in project #ADAB. An important direction for the work, interesting business plan, I recommend to pay attention to.

No doubt that Adab Solutions will be succesful. Hard cap will reach soon.

I want to share with your friends the great news – #ADAB holds #IEO to raise funds for investment. A very promising project, I have already paid attention to it.

One of the best and reliable companies that is suitable for investment! Behind the project is a team of the best specialists who raised it so high. An amazing and creative project that did not leave me indifferent.

A very unique and interesting project, bringing the world of digital currency to the islamic nation with unique and dedicated team members.

A very good reliable company with incredible plans for the future and really good prospects. Think we should join them as soon as possible,because this is a good project. This project includes a number of best thing : great team, great products, great ideas, great start.

I like how the project team works. I think the project has a great future. I think that in the near future I will see a promising growth of this project.

Unique idea for global ecosystem for muslim and this is the first.It will can be mass contribution to the development of the Islamic financial system.

This is good, the team will be bigger and the robot will go faster. I am pleased to follow this promising exchange that targets the Islamic market.

It's nice when the project is ready to accept experts from the community. Sorry I do not have programming skills.

I believe that if a project or platform helps the development and advancement of blockchain technology, then it definitely deserves our attention. ADAB clearly contributes to the above, so it is worth paying attention to it. Do not waste time, join now.

This is a very cool and innovative project. This project in the future will be very helpful in the world of crypto. Hopefully this project is successful. Don't miss out that. Best way for success.

The world’s first cryptocurrency exchange that operates in accordance of Islamic law.