50 percent of the world at the risk of job creation!

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The robot took responsibility for all the work in the world. There is nothing to do with man's own hands. Robots are made from factories, offices, research, and home cooking - so much so that we are almost in scientific imagination. In these Western countries, there are plenty of movies too. But in this era, dependence on automated instruments, as well as the robot-based workplace is not just the imagery of the story-movie; Rather it is a matter of great concern for western countries that this dependence has become.

Since 2013, a number of US researchers, Carl Benedict Fra and Michael A Ajoborn, have been doing extensive research on this issue. According to their study, in the next one to two decades, about 47 percent of the workforce in the United States will be at risk due to 'computerization'. Their study also showed that 702 types of US jobs will be fully machine-driven.

According to a report by The Economist, the Economic Coalition Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has recently done research on this issue. OECD is basically the wealthy countries. The organization also expressed concerns about automation. They have not only looked at the status of other developed countries but also the status of other developed countries. However, the OECD research is different from the study of Karl Benedict Frow and Michael A. Ajoborn.

OECD's study found that overall employment of 32 percent of the 32 countries is at risk. These jobs will become automation, the risk is 70 percent. The study found that according to the current employment rate, 32 countries are at risk of employment generation of 21 million. OECD has shown with the help of a table that there are more risks of employment. It has been found that the risk of automation of food production is highest in the country, 65 percent is the same. 60 percent of the work on infrastructure, 60 percent of clean-up jobs, driving, garment workers, farming - more than 50 percent of the risk of automation in these types of work. Better job management and teaching at a lower risk.

But not all countries at the same risk. Studies show that there is a gap between country and country. For example, jobs in Slovakia are twice as high as Norway. Generally speaking, the workers of wealthy countries are less risky than middle-income countries. Although the same country of income, the risks may vary.


In the case of the same income countries, the framework of the organization and the production plan of the industry has created an interval. Just like South Korea's 30 percent of the employment industry, in Canada, the rate is 22 percent. As a result, South Korea's employment is harder than Canada's automation. South Korean employers create a market for both of them. This does not reduce productivity. The truth is, everyday tasks, social and creative tasks are not robots. The fact that the machines are easy to work with, that Korea has already automated. Now the jobs that people are working for, it's hard to bring under the automation. So the risk factor is different in the countryside.

Earlier, researchers from Oxford and Yale University researched this topic. Their survey has come out with amazing information. According to them, robots will take control of various types of activities in the next 50 years. This means that human intelligence can be suppressed by 'artificial intelligence' or 'AI'. Chief researcher Katja Grace said that robots will roll out all mechanical-related work in the next 10 years. But it will take some time to deepen the deeper things of intellectual work. Such as writing books or a very complex mathematical solution. But the most worrying thing is that researchers are looking at 50 percent of all job labels in the next 120 years of robbery.

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