John Martin Dam_May_18th_thru_20th_2018_Fun_Suad_Expeditionary_Force

3년 전

Fun Squad Expedition to the John Martin Reservoir, in Hasty, Colorado. My buddy Shawn and I took some bike rides to scout out the actual reservoir and we had an awesome time. The meals were prepared for us. We went to some AA meetings and we had an auction for charity and a raffle at the end. It was an awesome time!
Action packed, fun filled, sober, peaceful and free! This was a AA Truth Seekers sponsored event, there will be another one in September and I am definitely looking forward to it!

For more information on Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community, you may go to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless website at the following URL:

Thank you for your interest and support!

Steven W. Smith!/c/stevenwsmith

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