# joke challenge day 1 @tabithaaa

3년 전

Here is my episode one of today's jokes


One day, there was strong wind blowing in the forest. It was making mysterious whistle sound. A timid rabbit was very much frightened with this atmosphere. He hid himself in his burrow under a mango tree. Suddenly, he heard a heavy thud sound. The frightened rabbit sprang out of his burrow and ran through the forest. The rabbit was shouting loudly, “Run, sky is falling”.
On the way, the tortoise saw the rabbit running. He asked, “What happened, why you are running in such haste?” Rabbit replied, “Didn’t you hear the loud heavy sound? The sky is falling. Run for your life” and running fast.
The tortoise too started running with him. On the way, they met fox. The fox enquired why they were running in so hurry. And when he came to know that the sky was falling, he joined them too. Soon the elephant, deer and horse all joined the running group.

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Jha bless

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