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A few moments from the movie remains in my mind throughout these last couple of days compelling me to write about it. This may or may not have some spoilers so be aware.

I thought about Heath Ledger's portrayal of 'Joker' several times throughout the movie, even after in order to draw a comparison. I loved his performance and I've watched 'The Dark Knight' several times over these years.

But, Joaquin Phoenix has nailed the performance in this to perfection! I am certain that every 'Joker' performance apart from these two actors pales in comparison and Heath's portrayal will remain legendary! I wish he were alive...

If the goal was to nail a deeply thoughtful, disturbing and perhaps a horrifying performance, then they two amazing actors have done it and how! 'Truly EPIC' defines it for me.

The movie dives into the personal life of one of the biggest nemesis of Batman and in this standalone fictional story showcases how 'Joker' came to be, which I felt was just incredible!

Joker deals with the subject of mental illness, and the great class divide in the society. I felt it does justice in its approach to these sensitive subjects. It's a psychological thriller and unapologetic in its approach.

It is grim, dark and even sad at times. But please keep an open mind in-order to grasp the various details in the movie.

I hope Joaquin Phoenix wins an Oscar for his portrayal of Joker. I don't know how these guys immerse themselves into the skin of the characters they play. It is mind boggling to say the least.

You also can't help but think about the low points in your life during the course of the movie and how people in your life may have treated you when you were down and out. This one will get you thinking, and that's probably a good thing!

This is not a movie for everyone but it's an absolutely incredible, gripping cinema that plays itself out beautifully. If you are an adult, this is a real piece of art and I highly recommend you to go and watch this!

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@vermillionfox and I had an unexpected date night last night and went to see Joker and I, too, am feeling compelled to write a Steemit review of sorts. I had high expectations [...because of Ledger’s Joker] and this exceeded them.

One thing I’ll mention, that aside from the Harvey Dent hospital scene, I don’t feel Heath Ledger’s Joker hasn’t aged as well as I remember. I watched the Dark Knight recently and there were a few scenes that seemed a bit cheesy [...the Wayne ballroom scene comes to mind]. This new film had such a dark, serious Taxi Driver vibe, it’s really stayed with me.

I’ll write more about it tonight as I summarize my thoughts, but it was truly special.


Since this one deals purely with Joker and his life, I think it tends to make a bigger impact on our senses on who/how he was before he became the Joker and his life experiences that pushed him towards it. We connect greatly with the character given the fact that we know where he's coming from and the circumstances that transform him.

I'm hoping to watch the Dark Knight and this back to back someday. Although there will be some differences on background context to Joker's beginnings I reckon given how this one played out.

But now I also have this feeling that Joaquin's performance may just exceed Heath's on a second viewing of this new movie and maybe this is the Joker I would love to see in future Batman movies. Although, I don't know if Joaquin will reprise his role again.

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I will first see the movie and afterwards read your opinion from the post in order not to spoil it. Thanks for sharing this, without probably I wouldn't think of seeing the movie.

I haven't seen it yet (probably won't) and I'll take your word for it that it's well done.

I want to mention my own thoughts on movies like this... big budget films almost always seem to slip in some "medicinal" agenda and/or message, for which movie audiences rarely have any filter.

In this case, I'm wondering if the "industry" pill they want the audience to swallow is that mentally ill people can eventually become dangerous, and even to suggest (through the emotional volatility of this film), that they probably will become dangerous? Thus, an audience will become even more receptive toward the idea of "red flag" gun laws to keep supposedly dangerous mentally ill people from obtaining firearms?

I'm just shooting in the dark here... let me know if I'm way off on this one. :)

This movie is in my wishlist.

Read the first two paragraphs of this post, because i haven't seen it yet and it seems worth watching.

I want to see this movie but I am a little scared, seen the promo and it really gives me jitters with just the promo so I am wondering what the movie is gonna be like. But the actor is too good with his role in this movie. Hats off

Nice review @firepower. I pretty much agree with everything you've said here - Joaquin Phoenix really nailed this role. As others have said, this really wasn't a superhero movie at all and was something entirely different. While disturbing at times, it really is a work of art.

This is to me a finest movie of all-time for sure