Sexual problem

2년 전

Banta and Preto one day went to the doctor about the problem of sex.

Banta began to say, "Doctor, we have been married a couple of months, we love each other very much but there is no fun in our sex life!

The doctor said - Okay, I am telling you a few things, you change the posture to do sex!

Banta said, can we try here?

The doctor said - Absolutely! You can try here in the cabin.

Banta started saying in a little while- Doctor, I do not feel good!

The doctor said - Never mind, try in some other asana.

Banta and Preet again started having sex!

The doctor came out and sat down, his voice was coming from inside. Then a little later, Banta again started saying - Sir is not enjoying!

The doctor said - this is a very intriguing case, I talk to your family doctor!

The doctor called Banta's family doctor and told the complicated case of both of them.

From there the family doctor said in a big rage - Oh, shove them both out! Both of them do so, they both live in this city with their parents and go to any doctor's clinic every day due to lack of place in the house!Logopit_1535514561057.jpg

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