My Father Is Still Sick today With Fever, Colds, And Cough


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Father is still sick and it is just a big handicap for me because he will not be able to drive me to and from my dialysis center.

I am not worried that he had the CoViD otherwise I myself will get sick or should I be? My father has the fever so it is really a worrisome situation, we do not know if it was a flu or that dreaded CoViD.

He is just taking some antibiotics now, some cough medications, and the vitamin C. I can now see why the health authorities tells us on how senior citizens are susceptible to the pandemic virus because they just simply get sick so easily especially my father who really has a long-standing cough condition and I just attribute it for his line of work as he is exposed to smoke and fumes because he is a diesel mechanic.

My father had worked abroad for about ten years in Saudi Arabia and I grew up with him not being around. He always resigns from huis work and then tries to get hired back again after looking around in the classified ads in the news paper.

After my father gets hired his salary gets diminished and I saw that. After a while he tried another more time until the hiring company told him that he has an issue with his lung and so that issue ended his career working abroad.

Then what was left from the small fund that my father had we tried to establish a bakery, that didn't flourish. They my brother and my Aunt tried to buy a taxi, with my father driving it, that also didn't progress because my father listened to his supposed friend so he sold the rights of the taxi and bought a stupid air compressor without consulting my brother and my aunt.

So my brother got the burden on paying my Aunt for her share of funding to pay for the taxi and that taxi car now was our family car. But if it wasn't for this car we now use for our own service it would have been a mountainous problem for my transport to and from the dialysis center.

The same thing about my father, if it wasn't for him driving me it would have been a different outcome for me.

Now that my father is sick I can just pray for his recovery. But the thing is that he has the fever, cold, and cough so I couldn't help but to be worried because it could be anything. I am praying that Good would heal my father, I cannot be left out without my father.

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