30 days of unemployment - A Journey #13

3년 전

Working in a private state or university has its perks and disadvantages. We are paid just for our corresponding loads each semester, unlike our government-operated counterparts which most offer a flat monthly rate. On the contrary, our paychecks are higher compared to other educational institutions.

The 2018 Summer class was over for about two weeks, and I've received the last paycheck today. The June classes will start by the 13th, so I won't expect anything before the 30th of next month. I have experienced these skip of payments in the past and I thought I'd have to be prepared this time.

Another good thing of being off work for a month is I can gradually increase my post count. I can finally interact more and devote more time on Steemit. I can post almost once daily, still less compared to others given that I have 16 hours everyday, because also give time for preparation on my next semester subjects and some for learning.

But, during these times, is Steemit alone able to pay all my expenses? No, It isn't. Still growing in this platform, I still struggle to get the minimum vote value for me to be able to stack up to cover my needs. It isn't, but is it a reason to stop posting? Should I be discouraged? Or should I increase my efforts and keep interacting? I ask these questions, and I start to doubt myself if I am posting good quality content or just some random gibberish. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

It's been 7 months since I've started blogging. 7 long months, yet I have had under-performed, compared to those who came later. 265 posts and 49 reputation later, I still barely get a dollar if I won't buy votes. I know, 7 long months and I JUST did 265. It's all my fault.

Getting attention on Steemit is quite a struggle for minnows - old or new. Even how good someone is, unless he's known, it's pointless. I've learned that keeping quality of posts is good, but interacting with people is better. You'd start to gain friends, you increase your real follow count, and gain more upvotes. Maybe someday you'll meet someone who's a dolphin or an orca and likes your content, and boom! You'll get a voting trail. You'd compete with at least a hundred thousand people everyday. What does it take to be on the top? It seems it's not just about quality, it's also about communication.

Anyway for now, I'll find another one that could pay off my bills and let me earn what I'd earn when I am working. But, I'd still continue posting. It'll be a waste that I've already been consistent for about three months and be gone in the wind again. My mistake that I've left this one for a while. I have this one online job I had worked before I became a teacher. It's about reviewing phone calls about car sales and dental care. Not so decent payoff, but I'll earn more in it for now. While writing this, I just thought of an idea. Maybe I can use that one to stack up on Steem and increase my vote value.

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