A Non-smoker's Diary Entry #3

3년 전

Everyday, my status is improving. Maybe cold-turkey was not the best strategy for me. I've tried to stop it all at once, but I had failed. Maybe this time, I finally will succeed.

Keeping my pockets empty and most of my money spent was a great idea all along. Now that I'm staying at home and will be for the next three weeks before the classes start, I know I'll be going out from time to time just to light up. I've set that I have just enough money for me to go pay for some extras that I won't expect.

Now, I'm trying to save for a new phone. The old one is dying. I hope it holds for a long while until I can afford to change it. Slowly, my life is improving. I've just learned that it's not just about financial status that what makes us more happy; but achieving these little things by little steps is really enjoyable.

This is one of the hardest things to do. I don't know, maybe it's connected to the psychological effect of these things. The companies behind this were really clever to add an addictive substance that isn't even part of what gives the real flavor of it. I have looked for some alternatives and I might start buying these ones, even though it gives me a greater expense. I'm thinking of patches or gum. Some say that these are really effective.

One great thing is that the local government is really supportive in these acts. They offer a smoking cessation clinic for free, which I am planning to go to. I might tomorrow. The government has also long banned smoking in public places, which is really great help, specially a college is one.

Oh, no paycheck for a month? Not too bad at all. Since most of my expenses are buying crypto and smoking. Markets are looking bad right now, and smoking is really bad for my health. I guess it's a win-win. It's actually fun that I decided to write about this, rather than keeping this battle by myself. I have something to vent out all my emotions, making my struggle lighter. I really do hope in the next few weeks I can stop, and this one will truly be a non-smoker's diary.

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I'm in the same battle my friend! and oh yeah it's so damn hard! I used to smoke like almost one pack a day, but I have successfully trim it down to 5 sticks a day, sometimes I cheat and go six. One day I'll create something like this once I finally get over it.


Why not make it now? A good way to have something to write consistently. I am still struggling. Started from 2.5 packs a day. Now getting lesser and lesser.


Haha. They say, walk your talk. I'd rather write when I'm finally over it but thanks for your suggestion and advice to write consistently. Mind if I ask where are you in our country? I am interested when you say "smoking cessation clinic for free"


Every barangay health centers offer this. It is part of the admins' efforts to stop smoking in the country. I live in Mindanao area close to Davao City.

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