The (re)Unboxing of my Box of Opportunities

3년 전

About two weeks ago, I've decided that one of my ways to cut off my cigarette consumption is by spending most of my money into other things. I bought a Raspberry Pi 3B. I was planning to write about it last week, but all my photos were deleted in the unboxing because I had reformatted my phone.

I decided to re-unbox it. The delivery guy came last Monday afternoon and delivered the package I expected. It was enclosed in a small box. I really had the thrill when I started opening it.

A Raspberry pi is a single board computer, mostly used for school projects. It is pretty popular in the crypto space. It's cheap, so it will be worth to try running nodes or staking coins; which would help me a lot in gaining a little more passive income.

So, there it was, I saw the package with two boxes, an SD card and the board case. I bought it at Lazada for Php 3,699 ($74). Encased in the boxes were the pi charger and the board.

The board was wrapped in an antistatic bag, which was really expected for electronics, since these are prone to damage due to electrostatic discharge. So, I unboxed everything, put the board into the case, and connected the charger! I have an old keyboard and monitor that was used in my old pc. Finally they're gonna be used again.

Setting up the Pi was easy. The SD card in the package was pre-installed with Raspbian, the operating system of the pi. It was just connecting all the cords and then we're ready to have fun! I'm thinking of how should I use the pi for now. I have the least background in linux, and I have limited knowledge in programming so I'd just find something that'll be my hobby for this small computer.

I can't really believe how the technology is evolving. Truly the Raspberry pi is one great leap for those who are in the underdeveloped countries who would want to learn about programming and computers with just a cheap investment. And of course, there's the bubble wrap for bonus.

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Welcome to Raspberry Pi journey, learn Python and do amazing things with your new computer. There is a wonderful community with resources to show you how to do almost anything with a RPi.


Thank you!. I'll surely be busy in the next few weeks studying this one! I've seen there are a lot of programmers here on steemit and I'd like to learn from all of you.

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