My Last Three Months Steemit Journey Captured In Six Big Ideas!!!!!

3년 전

Being on steemit the last three months have been amazing!


At first, it was a bit overwhelming because I did not understand the platform and it does take some time to get used to.  But I was not going to quit so I just started posting and coming back in the evenings to learn more about the platform.

And I would like to share with you what are the six most important things that I learn that can give you a starting success.  This will not get you hundreds of dollars a post but it will get you started to earning steem dollars and steem power that will give you the confidence you need to keep going and invest in steem when you can.

BIG IDEA #1- Make Quality Post

You have heard this one said a lot and I will repeat it again.  But I want to add something more to it. Create your post a certain way. Create a pattern for your post. Pick a time that is best for you to post. And then stick to that time. Create a ritual for your post time and then be consistent. Try posting once each day and then do a follow up on your last post. That way, if someone is following you, you give them something to look forward to and they have a history about what you are talking about. And it build a relationship with your followers.

BIG IDEA #2 -Choose Your Style

What kind of post do you want to post. If you decide on this early, it will help you to keep posting each day.  So is your style going to be funny, serious, inspirational, informative, asking questions- make it reflect who you are. If you are not funny, do not take on writing funny post, it will get boring to you soon and you’ll stop writing.And write about something that interest you. That way your post can be like a journal entry that you do every day. And no matter what you are interested in, there are hundreds of people who are interested in the same thing and is looking a community for that interest.

BIG IDEA # 3- Use Powerful Voting Bots

When you are just starting out and no one knows you they most likely will not see your content let alone vote on it. So use voting bots to get exposure and start earning steem dollars.  These bots will be your biggest friend when you are just getting started and they will help build your reputation and build your following.

BIG IDEA # 4 -Comment

You might think that this is a waste of time but its not.  You have to give back first before you can get something. So when you go on someone else’s post, comment.  And I am not talking about “nice post.  Think about it this way-if you had spent a lot of time on a post how would you want someone to respond to your post. Say something encouraging and inspiring. And if you don’t have something nice to say. Don’t comment. Don’t make enemies on the platform.  You want to be here a long time, make friends -not enemies.

BIG IDEA # 5 -Upvote

Give to the steemit community by commenting and upvoting. You earn money when you comment so why not comment. You earn money when you upvote so why not upvote.  I make money commenting and upvoting. Others le see me and follow me just because I took the time to comment and upvote on someone’s else post. I gave back and it came back to me.  
Start doing this and see if you don’t start getting steem dollars for your comments and votes.

BIG IDEA # 6 - Spend Time Reading Post On How To Succeed On Steemit

This one is a big one for me. I spent a lot of hours reading post on how to succeed on steemit. Some gave valuable information and some didn’t.  For one thing, I am not sure how to get curation points so I have just stop doing it and just focus on commenting and upvoting and I have started to see a bit of money here and there.  That is a start for me.

Don’t think you will learn about steemit just by coming on the platform. Spend some time reading.  Each post I read teach me something new. Either I learned something new or it confirmed something that I was thinking about but not sure.
Those are my six big ideas that has helped me make a small about of money and help to keep my spirits us so that I do not quit.

My Upcoming Post

My upcoming post will be to go into more details about the bots and the resources that you need to help you to become more successful.

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I am a beginner in steem and this post is very helpful for me thx alot


Thanks for stopping by and reading it. Please use the ideas and come back and let me know how they worked for you. Just don't get frustrated and quit. I wish you the very best and much success to you. Appreciate your comment.

what bots do you recommend?