TRON: The future is coming

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Tron: the future is coming.

Today we are increasingly talking about blockchain and especially about Bitcoin, the origin of everything.
But there are many blockchains, among which the one of TRON deserves particular attention.
But let's briefly see what it is.

TRON, Founded by Justin Sun in 2014, with offices in America and Asia, is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world.

It has much higher capabilities than Bitcoin (TRX constantly manages 2,000 transactions per second, 24x7).
TRON has High productivity, high scalability, high availability.
This allows a great development of Dapp (decentralized applications) in the Tron ecosystem.

In 2018 it acquired BitTorrent, the famous p2p client.
In continuous development, it has recently reached second place in the ranking of the Chinese government information center and
Industrial development that has just released its new ranking of cryptographic projects.

TRON has a large support community, one of the most active is definitely #JTS
(Twitter: @tron_squad )

Where will TRON go in the future?

More information:


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Nice, I keep asking everyone I meet from the Tron community what their favorite apps are so I can check it out.

So far I haven't had any responses.

Looking forward to the partnership


If I can help you, I'll tell you my favorite app:
Wink. ( )
It is a gaming app that unites several partners and distributes part of the dividends to the owners of the WIN tokens every day.


Cool, I'll check it out.

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Hi Dani, glad to read your first blog about TRON. More #JTS fam on the way😉💞


Thanks Cha.
I am happy to find you on #STEEM

We know how influenced tron in blockchain, however are we sure that tron won't devour steem and change the way how we does it on steem? I won't conclude right away, because I don't think #tron is also bad in steem. Let's just hope for a brighter future..


I really hope not.
It is best to help grow together as a large family. And #JTS is a real family.
Union creates strength, always.

Glad you are here.
Pardon our mess, we are remodeling currently.
Keep putting out content and your audience will find you.

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