What's new with #JTS?

3개월 전

I'm sorry it's been awhile since we last posted but so much has been going on. From self-isolation to home schooling, the world has changed and so have we.

This gave us some time to reflect on who we really are. Our community has spoken so we've implemented a few changes.

Firstly, we held a contest to design a new logo. There were close to 50 designs submitted and yes it took quite some time to decide on the logo that demonstrates who we are as a global #crypto community. We wish to unveil our new community logo here. This was designed by a very talented community member Anawa.


Secondly and in conjunction with the unveiling of the new logo we decided to change our twitter handle to @JTS_Global. Our hashtag #JTS and our global reach made this an easy decision.

Lastly, we made a small video introducing our Admin team. These dedicated individuals work day and night to keep our community active and safe. Why not put a face to a name? Say hi the next time you are in our Telegram, Guildchat or Coinchat.


In conclusion we'd like to say #BESAFE out there. These are challenging times but WE WILL get through it. Pass on your thanks to our essential service workers and medical personnel, help your neighbors and community and keep yourselves and family safe. #7PMCHEER

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Really life change now @jtsofficial it's a crazy world but we keep hoping that all is safe and stay healthy. Lucky us that we are still alive.
Nice and awesome new logo representing #JTS Global, Congrats to @anawa she is really talented creating one.
Be safe all.

Great post #jtsofficial The world has really changed now so stay safe everyone and well done Anawa its a great logo.


Thank you @JTS_Global 🙏🏻 .


Thank you for the update @JTS_Global. We are in this together. Stay Strong and Be safe

Congratulations on the new @Anawa logo, it's really nice. These weeks of crisis are changing our lives but they help us understand that we must remain united. #JTS is a union example. Thank you all.