Julian Assange's Arrest Shows Us the Failure of Our Society and the Immorality of Governments

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If history truly marks important events for humanity, April 11, 2019, will be marked as a dark day when society has failed to do justice for someone fighting for justice while being persecuted by the morally corrupted governments all around.


EXCLUSIVE: Assange arrested & escorted out of Ecuadorian Embassy

If you haven't heard, Julian Assange has been arrested earlier today by the UK police. The UK desire to arrest Assange came from their marching orders from the US all along, as we suspected. They admitted such in a police statement:

Julian Assange, 47, (03.07.71) has today, Thursday 11 April, been further arrested on behalf of the United States authorities, at 10:53hrs after his arrival at a central London police station. This is an extradition warrant under Section 73 of the Extradition Act. He will appear in custody at Westminster Magistrates' Court later today (Thursday, 11 April).

WikiLeaks called it last week. It was a matter of "hours to days" as their inside source said.

BREAKING: A high level source within the Ecuadorian state has told @WikiLeaks that Julian Assange will be expelled within "hours to days" using the #INAPapers offshore scandal as a pretext--and that it already has an agreement with the UK for his arrest.


The ploy to deny attempts to expel Assange by the Ecuadorian government demonstrate the constant deception and lies employed by governments in their pursuit and maintenance of power in society.

The events of the last week should serve as a wake up call to all the sleeping masses who think they can trust the government to be truthful, or to uphold a semblance of real justice in the world. The only justice they care about is their justification to do what they want, to justify their actions of authoritarianism and tyranny as they all support the master overlord model that most all governments impose on all societies.

The mainstream media is complicit is carrying out a grave injustice against real authentic media in the world. With few exceptions, they've largely supported the corrupt aims of governments to silence and punish Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for daring to expose the dark behavior and tactics of governments and corporations around the world.

If the media truly was about getting to the truth, they would have hailed Assange and WikiLeaks as true symbols of what the media is supposed to stand for: serving the public by exposing the truth.

Sadly, many in society are still too far under the somnambulistic sleeping spell of statism to see reality for what it is. They side with the government as their father figure protector-savior who shields from from the evils of the worlds. Assange and WikiLeaks is seen by the masses as a threat to the state's supremacy to get away with immoral activity, thereby jeopardizing their own security at the expense of others.

As many rejoice at Assange's arrest, especially the morally-corrupt in governments across the world, today is a dark and sad day for those who have their eyes open and the more evolved capacity to think for themselves.

Society has failed a warrior for truth and justice. Humanity is slipping back into a new kind of dark age, where information and truth is all around but we are largely too ignorant and blind to bother seeing it or taking it in. False intellectualism is rampant as the elite's mindset becomes indoctrinated and cemented into current and future generations.

The events surrounding Assange show how we are not only failing him, but failing ourselves. Humanity is falling. We continue to fall from the graces of goodness and morality. We are the fallen angels who sink lower that what our truer, realer and higher potential can have us be.

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Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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Damn, I hope Trump knows the real facts and should credit Asange for revealing the Obama/Clinton's dirty laundry list and helping him win the election.
I hope Trump will pardon Asange in the spirit of the law, but for now he's gonna have to take the brunt of the letter of the law no matter how contrived it may be. It can only be an opportunity to show the world what damning information the governments are trying to hide and truly wake up the public. And in the end Trump can pat him on the Back "Well done Julian. Here's your pardon. and the gratitude of the USA!"


That's a lot of hoping on Trump :/

It is a dark day indeed, but one that will further their undoing. The illusions they would force lose their spell when they are forced so hard. They forget in their rage and desperation that the illusion works by acceptance of those they would cast them on. Agreements are lost by such openhanded tactics.


Yes, in part it helps to wake some up, while showing others to stay in fear at the state, and others who are joyful that the bully they are allied to gets their revenge. Similar to Steem, where to many ally themselves to bullies who are popular and have wealth, not caring about the truth of their behavior...

Interesting times, it's hard to say what will come of this. I can't believe the powers that be would really want to put him on trial as that would be public. Perhaps he will testify to congress and get a slap on the wrist or a pardon. It's hard to fight for justice holed up in an embassy, open court is a good place to do it. Funny how their story has changed, they used to say he was wanted for rape and now it is supposed to be about something else, hmm.


Grand jury trials are secret... I hope it at least goes to open court for his sake...


Ideally he would be offered immunity in exchange for his testimony. He could take down all sorts of deep state assholes. On a personal level, if he actually gave a shit about his own personal freedom, he would be a lot better off if the grand jury didn't indict him with any crimes and he didn't have to go to court at all.

Hi @krnel,

I am a firm supporter and sympathizer of Mr. Julian Assange. I was deeply hurt the moment I heard the news.

The social justice has been atrociously assasinated by the arrest of Mr. Assange, which reflects the blatant attitude of the immoral governments.


Yup, justice is a joke to the state :/


A hell Yes.... unfortunately!

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

Note the book he is holding.

A truly sad day for journalism and democracy.


Indeed :/

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False intellectualism is rampant as the elite's mindset becomes indoctrinated and cemented into current and future generations.

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