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JUR is a justice as a service on the blockchain built to recreate trust in business relationships, allowing people to safely make agreements digitally enforced thanks to a peer to peer dispute resolution system. Disputes can be resolved quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost using a consensus based dispute resolution. It is estimated that most contractual disputes that go to arbitration take more than 6 months to resolve and cost more than 50% of the contracted amount. With JUR, each dispute will be resolved within 24 hours, at almost zero cost to the contracted parties.

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JUR Core functionality is free to use and allows people to:

  • Create Smart Legal Agreements
  • Make secure ESCROW deposits
  • Resolve contractural disputes in 24hrs
  • Withdraw settlements securely

JUR's Dispute Resolution system is built on:

  • A Qualified Legal Community
  • Consensus Based Voting
  • Anti-Biase Principles

The JUR platform uses Blockchain Technology for secure management of:

  • Legal Agreements
  • ESCROW Deposits
  • Settlement Payments

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You also have the ablity to become an Oracle, assist in disputes and get rewarded for your efforts. Anyone who holds JUR tokens can view disputes and proposed resolutions. By analysing and commiting your tokens to the fairest outcome you will earn additional tokens. Those Oracles who committed tokens to the proposal that received fewer votes forfeit their tokens for judging incorrectly. This provides incentivisation to vote fairly when your assets become part of the stake and you have skin in the game. People who have real specialised knowledge can confidently and fairly judge on a dispute, rather than relying on a centralised potentially corrupt authority who have minimal knowledge of the area being disputed. The potential for fairer outcomes and better legal processes becomes enhanced for the wider public.

Token Info

  • JUR is an ERC 20 compliant Ethereum token
  • Total Supply 1 Billion tokens
  • Token supply for Public ICO 400 million tokens
  • JUR will be used as a means of payment/collateral
  • JUR is a Utility Token for Voting on disputes on the JUR system

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