How much would a ticket to Jurassic Park cost?

6개월 전


Saw an image recently showing some old merchandise for the movie saying the price of a three day pass was $550.

Which Jurassic Park came out in 1993, where $1 then would be $1.95 today.

Showing a 3 day pass would be $1,072.50 today.

Obviously there’s really no way to price visiting dinosaurs, but trying to figure out the costs of visiting an amusement park on an island off the coast of Costa Rica is possible.

Just to get an idea of this though, lets look at Disney World as an example of what theme parks charge and price comparisons with now an 1993.

Right now, Disney charges $128 a day for a 3 day pass, coming to $384.

Which is up from $35 a day in 1993, where a 3 day pass would be $110.

Comparing Disney ticket prices to inflation, prices clearly went up passed that, where if adjusted for inflation, they’d be $214.50.

Instead, they went up 249%, instead of 195%.

So if Jurassic Park was actually real, the price from $550 a day, would be $1,369 a day today, if the price went up comparable to Disney.

Reason for writing this was just saw the image of a Jurassic Park ticket price from 1993 and also thought it’d be fun to mention the price increase at Disney.

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