5 Days Until Jury.Online (JOT) ICO Pre-Sale | What is the (JOT) Token? Here is Everything You Need to Know.

3년 전

Jury.Online ICO UPDATE:

Today we will break down everything you need to know about the (JOT) Token, but first here are some updates:

  • Minimum purchase of Jury Online Tokens (JOT) necessary to enter the pre-sale was reduced from 1000 (JOT) to 500 (JOT).
  • The pre-sale is in 5 days on October 23rd.
  • On October 23rd, Jury.Online is launching an AMA (ask me anything) video stream with Alex and Kosta, of our development team.
  • All participants in the pre-sale receive a 30 percent discount price.

    *Many of you have expressed excitement about our pre-sale and want more information. We encourage you to join the conversation on telegram.

    Have Questions? Join Our Telegram Community

    *You can read our steemit introduction article here

    "In 5 years, I hope to make lawyers redundant."

    -Alexander Shevtsov | Finance Magnates

    Source: Jury.Online Legal Memorandum

    Summary: Jury.Online applies the blockchain to dispute resolution in a way that also incorporates expert consensus for the best possible outcome in judgments.

    The process is clearly explained in this video.

    Jury.online is a Decentralized Platform for General-Purpose Deal Execution

    Deal execution is conducted via smart contracts. Counter parties of the deal agree on the terms, then deposit funds to the deal's smart contract. Then both parties fulfill their obligations. If either party is dissatisfied, the deal is reviewed by a panel of anonymous jurors who deliver judgment in favor of one party.

    Jurors for a dispute resolution are randomly selected using secure random number generator operating through a smart contract. Judges are grouped into pools by the sphere of their specialization, e.g. pool for disputes concerning IT sphere, graphical design, etc. Pool connection is open. This means any group of specialists in a certain sphere can provide their services in dispute resolution.

    Jury.online develops blockchain-agnostic protocol for secure communication between all participants. This protocol is open and free to use. Jury.online implements this protocol on the base of Ethereum blockchain.

    Source: Jury.Online Legal Memorandum

    Summary: According to The Law Society Gazette, the global legal services market generates more than $500 billion dollars in revenue. Jury.online has real potential to disrupt and evolve this industry forever, through the power of blockchain technology and ethereum smart contracts, both once-in-a-generation society changing innovations in their own right. In order to give the Jury.online platform, and the (JOT) token, the highest probability of success, it is best we issue an initial coin offering (ICO) to the public. This way interested parties can become stakeholders and take part in the growth of the platform, while also ensuring the Jury.online platform and protocol have adequate support and resources to succeed.

    Source: Jury.Online Legal Memorandum

    Summary: All activities on the Jury.online platform are powered through the exchange of JOT tokens.

    Source: Jury.Online Legal Memorandum

    Summary: Similar to other cyptocurrencies, JOT will be exchangeable across different platforms outside of the Jury.online platform, independent of the platform itself or its creators.

    Jury.Online Referral Program

    Soon we will open a personal investors' dashboard.

    Each member who creates a Jury.online account will receive a unique referral link to share with their friends and family. If your personal link is used during a token contribution both in the pre-sale and the ICO, you will automatically receive 2% of the value of this contribution. Imagine you give your unique referral link to your best crypto-friend and they contribute 100 JOT tokens using your link. You will then get 2 JOT Tokens for free! Now imagine you give the same link to more of your colleagues, family and friends - you will see how you can easily use your influence to earn many many tokens!


    Have Questions? Join Our Telegram Community

    Note: Anyone who links to our introduction post and writes about @Jury.Online using #juryonline , or #jot, will get a whale vote, beyond bit vote, or some form of paid boost on their post, depending on meeting the above criteria.

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This is very interestiing. It is amazing what blockchains can do.

cool.. we'll be waiting

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