JURY.ONLINE (JOT) ICO PRESALE IS IN A !!!FEW HOURS !!! | Here's How Our Protocol Saves Businesses Money.

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Jury.Online ICO UPDATE:

Yesterday we reduced the minimum purchase of Jury Online Tokens (JOT) necessary to enter the pre-sale from 1000 (JOT) to 500 (JOT). The pre-sale is in 6 days on October 23rd. All participants in the pre-sale receive a 30% discount price. Many of you have expressed excitement about our pre-sale and want more information. We encourage you to join the conversation on telegram.

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*You can read our steemit introduction article here

Are you an effective deal maker?

Most aren't.

I bet you are skilled in something other than deal making. Maybe you are exceptional at designing websites, accounting, or programming applications. You probably thought about becoming self-employed but had difficulty securing clients or establishing long-term durable business relationships. Sure, you are capable of providing quality service, but questions arise that aren't easy to answer, like...

Who will hold the money?

How will disputes be resolved?

How binding is the agreement really?

When is the work considered complete?

Who will protect the customer and service provider?

And the most important question, can both parties be trusted?

It can be a daunting task. You end up spending more time, money, and resources negotiating, and trying to establish trust than you do actually getting work done. When a conflict arises, everything tends to stop until the conflict is resolved, if it ever gets resolved. The most challenging obstacle you face involves escrow and secure transactions. If you are a hiring manager looking to recruit the best talent globally, you are often limited by strict bank policies, or PayPal's dispute resolution (which provides virtually no protection to businesses who sell digital goods and services). Bitcoin doesn't offer too much guarantee either that once payment is made services will be rendered or that once services are rendered payment will be made. Of course there are review systems, which has become the standard way trust is established in eCommerce on the internet, but the review platforms often charge an unreasonable fee to either the merchant/service provider, the customer, or both. Despite all of these challenges, somehow business still finds a way to get done on the internet, but at a cost that is too high, unnecessary, and complicates collaboration.


Jury.Online Whitepaper

Imagine you didn't have to bother with any of those issues and this process was handled for you, in the most optimum way, at the highest level humanly possible. That is essentially what the Jury.Online platform offers, and much more. We encourage you to read our steemit Introduction Post to get a better view of how this platform seeks to disrupt prehistoric business dispute resolution practices, judicial systems, and legislative processes on a global scale.


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nice Post!!!!

Keep it up!!!


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nice post, bro...
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nice post...thanks for information, ...

Nice concept, do i get the whitepaper in pdf fomat?

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nice post. i wish to be like you guyz.. hope someone guide me and train me.

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Thank you for sharing.

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great idea, i hope all works out for you guys!


GOOD IDEA SEEMS A LITTLE PRICEY (.10 USD) AT THE STAGE THEY ARE AT STILL HIRING THIS IS ONLY A CONCEPT AT THIS STAGE. sorry caps were not intended. anyways this is not listed at coinschedule.com and Im thinking this will struggle for funding. videos aren't that great and one of the founders is a singer? Артур Пирожков, серьезно?

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Great blog

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Hi @jury.online Nice presentation, clear and detailed. Upvoted ;)
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Cryptocurrency is love

Sounds like an interesting concept with dispute resolution. I'm assuming it will be lawyers on the cheap that's willing to mitigate problems over the internet? Am I about right?

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so, its all about payments for remote services?


No. It's not all about that, but I imagine that is one of the most complex issues where there is an urgent need for a global governing body. The protocol and platform can be applied to a wide range of use cases. For example, the escrow feature allows for the contract itself to hold payment in escrow and then to periodically release payments as work gets done.

I totally agree with you. I am the comer . Please stay with me... thank you

Read the white-paper...the proposition looks solid and the marketing looks spot on.

Fantastic, congratulations!

I cant see it being useful Another crash and burn


@waldbw I would love for you to join our telegram community. Breaking the platform down and dissecting the whitepaper is exactly what we do collectively in our community all day. "Jury.Online Protocol Fuses Human Judgment with Code in the Pursuit of Raw Reason & Ethics". It dives a bit deeper into the specifics of the protocol. But if I were to respond simply from an economic standpoint, I would say you are wrong because the platform does't just create jobs, it is establishing a new profession within the work force and one that takes advantage of the experience and expertise of those who might not otherwise been able to work. That and the fact that ETH doesn't come out of the box ready for business or dispute resolution. The Jury.Online platform, the protocol and JOT are all a natural progression forward. It's the next step.

What is the difference between bit coin and concurrency?