A Snap Shot of Saturday, oops I mean Friday



One Small Slice of the World

It has been a little while since I did a photo post. It has been raining, and overcast, and well not real pleasant picture taking weather. Today we had a little bit of sunshine, so I took a few pictures out my window to make a clipped together four image shot of what I see out my window. I know I have shared the view before, and I know there really is not a lot to see. As far as being a scenic shot, not really, a landscape shot, sort of but not really. It's the kind of picture that most would refer to, (myself included), as a snap shot. I hope that is what others see also, just a snap shot.

This is my snap shot of my small slice and view of the world when I wake up. I can look out the window, and know where I am, that I am not lost in some strange wonderful paradise, that I don't have a tribe of headshrinkers coming after me, that I am not going to be put on the chopping block, that I woke up and I am where I am. It is a comforting feeling actually. So snap shots they are our memories, they keep us grounded in our life, they let us share our past, and present and will let the future know we were here.

Okay, yes I know I can ramble on and on about a lot of nothing and slide off topic pretty easy, so before I get you, the reader, any more lost in my rambling thoughts, here is what I have been working on for the last few hours.


The pictures were taken just before 2:00 PM, time now for me is 4:30 PM. The view from my window. This is a conglomeration of four images stitched together with Auto Stitch program. That was the first step I took after off-loading them from the camera. After the combining of the images, I saved it back into the Nikon folder and used the camera software to do a few adjustments to the shadow protection, (that really works well for bringing the parts in the shadow out with out brightening the image over much), I boosted the color just a little bit, and a couple of other setting adjustments that I can not remember right now..

After the Nikon Software Suite, I moved the images to play with them in Paintshop Pro. I am still not real familiar with the program, but using a few of the different tools available I did some further adjustments and then did the initial resize of the images. After Paintshop Pro, the laptop work is done, and the images are then transferred to my USB drive to be played with one final time on the desk top computer then uploaded on the Steem Block Chain for people to enjoy or not. I do like Paint.Net for the final resizing of the images, and final cropping. Paint.net allows me to decrease the file size by percentages until it is not to large to upload. I try to keep all my picture file sizes to less than 1.5 MB.

As I mentioned there were four images used to create the image above, instead of presenting all four of them as separate images, I placed them in a single panel. As mentioned the images were not edited prior to the combining of them. So here are the images used:


I know not a lot of extra sky in the finished picture, but enough extra to make a difference to the stand-alone images. The important thing is, It does show a little slice of the world that I can see on a daily basis, not much of a view like I said, but then again, at least it is not a view of a wall from the house next door. Even if it was a view of the neighbors house wall, a familiar site is almost always a welcome sight.

Well that is how I spent a few hours on Saturday. I enjoyed it. From the prepping of the camera, to the Idea that was formulating in my head for this post to the actual completion of the post. So not much left to do other than think about the tags to use. Hope you enjoyed this little slice of life, and that you had a nice few hours on Saturday also.

OOOPS, it is Friday, not Saturday, well I am pretty happy with my title, and I was pretty happy thinking it was Saturday all day today, and well I just don't feel like going back and changing all the Saturdays to Fridays. Life of a retired person, that happened to of been yesterday's, (Thursday), freewrite prompt, and I just remembered that. So since this small section is taking about 5 minutes to write, nah...but hey try a #freewrite out, they can be fun and rewarding things to do. Here is the link to Day 748: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: retirement

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I like your end product photo.

Sometimes the program on my camera will make a panorama using some photos I have taken close together. I wouldn't have the first clue on doing it myself, but it sometimes does them very well.


One day I am going to need to read my camera's owners manual from cover to cover and see what all it will do. Right now I pretty much just use all manual settings, and follow the idiot lights so to speak on it. it helps that you can see the end results with just a push of a button so you know if you need to over or under expose the next one a little bit. The digital world so much to explore with today's modern cameras.