Compromise - Halfsies

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First of all I'm going to be 100% honest and admit I havent been able to keep 100% up to date in this battle with @justinsunsteemit and the witnesses vote deathmatch but I have done my best. I think the current situation is kinda acceptable for normal users, especially one such as I that was against freezing Steemit Inc's ninja-mined Steem which I consider incredibly alike to theft regardless of how sketchy it was obtained in the first place. I was however in favor of blocking witness voting capacity on this ninja-mined stake, for obvious reasons.


Excuse me if I'm wrong and someone already proposed this and the idea either fell under the radar and/or declined entirely but this is my suggestion

  • Ask @justinsunsteemit to perform decline_voting_rights_operation on the @steemit account which accounts for roughly half of the ninja mined steem under Steemit Inc. control AFAIK.
  • wait 30 days for the operation to take and become permanent in the current stalemate.
  • modify the soft fork to only apply to the @steemit account for a period of 1 year after which transfers, power down, operations would become available again or once the other ninja-mined accounts performed the decline_voting_Rights_Operation and a period of 30 days had happened.
  • Get Justin to agree implementing changes to witness votes so that one stake cannot vote 20 people in by itself.

They would still have the power to affect governance in case a few witnesses go "dormant" but they would not be able to do it by themselves they would only be able to prompt someone who's already near the top 20 up.

Feel free to tell me how I'm wrong. :)

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