A choice to invest JWC



Have you heard about ICO blockchain ? Are you interested in Ventures Capital well if you are the investor looking for the potential and worthy project to invest in JWC can be your perfect choice.
ICO JWC ( Blockchain Ventures ) is just startup recently in the coin market, people may not hear of it because JWC is more quietly than other ICO but the direction of the JWC Ventures fund is that they will carefully select the startup activities in the field of Blockchain and make the best startup to invest in.
JWC blockchain provides us security, hedge funds, trade, health and more aspect of our life,using high technologies you can feel safe to make an online transaction.
With smart strategy you can buy JWC on their website and earn some interest from now I believe the token price can grow 30% in 2018. Let’s be a potential investor by joining our team and be a part of the JWC ICO community.
JWC Token Information
– Token name: JWC, ERC standard 20 Ethereum background
– Total supply: 500,000,000 JWC
– Accepted purchase ICO: ETH
– 1 ETH = 10,000 JWC (not including bonus)

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