Food and Drinking Stores Grow High in Aceh

3년 전


The business field of providing accommodation and eating food or more easily called food and drinking stalls is the highest growth business field in Aceh, which is 11.27 percent in the fourth quarter of 2017. Next followed by education services 9.98 percent and health services and social activities 9 , 21 percent.

The information presented by Head of Central Statistics Agency of Aceh, Wahyudin MM in the official statistics related to the economic growth of Aceh in quarter IV-2017, at the local BPS Hall on Monday (5/2). It said the high economic growth in the category of accommodation and drinking accommodation due to the many national events held in Aceh in 2017, so that the economy of Aceh until the fourth quarter-2017 with oil and gas grew 4.19 percent. By releasing oil and gas, the cumulative economy of Aceh until the fourth quarter grew by 4.14 percent.

Wahyudin added that the growth occurred in all business fields, except the manufacturing industry contracted by 3.00 percent, and contracted construction by 4.14 percent.

"The decreasing category of construction due to the completion of some multiyear construction projects has little to suppress the economic growth of Aceh. The declining growth of chemical, pharmaceutical and traditional medicine industries is also the main cause of the decline of the processing industry category in Aceh, "he said.

He added that compared to the fourth quarter of 2016, the field of health services and social activities is the highest growth of 15.27 percent. This is in line with the increase in the number of patients in some hospitals that have increased significantly. The next highest growth followed by the category of accommodation and drinking meals by 13.96 percent and government administration and compulsory social security 13.86 percent.

In addition, Wahyudin delivered households in Aceh province as consumers predicted economic conditions in the first quarter (January-March 2018) with a pessimistic perception. This is indicated by index estimation of consumer tendency index (ITK) in quarter I-2018 equal to 98,23 (index below 100). This means more consumers are predicting economic conditions decline in the first quarter-2018 compared to predicting economic conditions increased.

"One of the causes is the budget of aceh's revenue and expenditure of 2018 which has not yet been legalized, considering that budget of aceh's revenue and expenditure is one of the major contributors to Aceh's economy," Wahyudin said.

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