Kanye West mentioned the drugs we are all on which includes fluoride which blocks certain things inside our body. More black Americans have died as babies since February 2020 than have died of Covid. Trailer. Steps.

Thing About Fear

You can either have the fear of God or the fear of everything else which can lead you to astray. Kanye West prefers the prequels over Disney Star Wars, he said he watched Revenge of the Sith like ten times just during Covid.

Who did you vote for in the 2020 U.S. General Elections?


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2020-10-24 - Saturday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-24 - Saturday
2020-10-25 - Sunday
Published in October of 2020

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Epic Rap Battles of History

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ERB - Trump vs Biden

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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12:08 PM

Trump can retweet and I cannot without a quote.

Over The Moon

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner threaten to sue The Lincoln Project over Times Square billboards

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What is this prayer emoji?

05:32 PM - YouTube comment to Naomi Brockwell

I Googled your emoji and it said folded hands, like a prayer, like a thank you, something something Japanese, impressive, the more you know.


What are the differences between socialism and communism?

10:23 AM - Hive

In theory, communism is worse than socialism. In reality, the more important factor would be the mechanisms behind whatever vehicle is being used be it socialism, communism, etc, these vehicles have not been isolated, alone, natural. Like Covid, these vehicles were engineered by globalism as a scam on humanity. Too often, people argue for the theory of communism instead of facing the reality of the demons who try to force communism and other things onto people.

People can justify the theory of communism, especially within the realm of collectivism, as seen more so in Asia, over individualism, as seen more so in Europe, generally speaking. But communism has been a scheme used to control people. When the control freak rulers of the world try their very best to implement communism, they would generally try to make the general public follow rules which the government would not have to follow themselves.

We can talk about the similarities and the differences between communism, socialism, collectivism, etc, but we should also be careful of the people standing behind the curtains of the Wizard of Oz.

Cannot edit older Hive posts?

11:59 PM

I cannot edit older posts on Hive. Did the fork do that?


Jordan B Peterson

02:35 AM - Return Home

I have returned home to Toronto after spending much of the last eighteen months in hospitals. I am hoping that my health has improved to the point where I can start producing original content again. Thank you to all who are watching for your support over the course of this trying time. I hope that you all are coping with the COVID crisis successfully.

The 100

2020-10-24 - Saturday - 02:45 AM - 03:28 AM - The 100 714

Crying that Clark killed him and yet he killed himself in a way a long time ago.

Back on earth

Plot to get Matti

200 year old wine


09:59 AM - Stories of Us: Gina Florio

Too many colleges, universities, and even Harvard, destroy the fabrics of all kinds of people including Gina Florio. Terrible people were infiltrating and changing the very fabrics of college, the curriculum and everything, especially in the 1900's.

Powerful JRE

10:11 AM - Joe Rogan Experience #1554 - Kanye West

Thomas Edition defeated Tesla in the early 1900's thanks to the help of the fake news which he had some control over.

Can we combine the major fabrics needed for life to cultivate a city? Kanye West talks about that and about making a church stadium and city and garden and different things.

Relationships is a competiting currency to centralized fiat Rothschild money.

Deconstruct and reimagine things.

Having a black history month would be like having a remember when you cheated on me lover month says Kanye West.

Ye, please go on Alex Jones, he is Joe Rogan 2.0.

Telling the truth is crazy in a world of lies.

Leaning not on your understanding is an understanding that you don't know everything, an open minded perspective, the beginning seed to wisdom.

Kanye West mentioned the drugs we are all on which includes fluoride which blocks certain things inside our body.

Too many celebrities, actors, musicians, etc, end up buying big houses, buying all sorts of things, and end up going in debt, and there are too many crooks, the swamp so to speak, who work for the famous people. So, they often calculate how much a celebrity may make and get them in debt for that much or beyond that even. Too often, celebrities and others end up in these financial holes.

Slavery is a choice and we are slaves to the choices we make.

More black Americans have died as babies since February 2020 than have died of Covid.

You can either have the fear of God or the fear of everything else which can lead you to astray.

Kanye West prefers the prequels over Disney Star Wars, he said he watched Revenge of the Sith like ten times just during Covid.

When Michael Jackson was making Thriller or other music videos in the 1980's, he went to like a movie director which must have revolutionized movies and not just music videos and music in general.

Kanye West does not just deal with black issues but maverick issues.

Diamond & Silk

05:33 PM - Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Waukesha, WI 10-24-20

make empty chairs great again

Liz Willis


Mark Twain was a redhead in the 1870's.

Merry Mayhem

09:04 PM - Shenanigans - Imprompt comedy, cow, farmer, guy, weird situation up the you know

Sounds like a telemarketer farmer scientist.

@Willie Woodward, verified, she is a dolphin, she being Merry Mayhem, Willie said she might be a dolphin. @Willie Woodward, but she is part shark.

You too young, mam.

Sorry lady, you're 20 years old and we don't serve minors.

We are cooking the cow very soon and the chicken too.

Sorry mam, we don't take requests, if it aint on the menu, then you can eat the dolphin.

Sir, I think the chicken is mocking me. Please shut it up.

Don't worry, pork is made out of plastic.

Customer, don't worry, we sell vegan pork chops.

Biden is so cool.

I love scare crows.

We have some China Pork Chops, so good.

Since you love Biden and China so much, we have some China Biden Pork Chops, please give it a try.

You broke her brain.

Mam, do you snore or is that your uncle?

Can we address the elephant in the room?

Cup or cop?

Cop, you call me liar. How dare you. I'm Asian Greta.

Sorry, Psy is not here.

Winnie the Pooh aint here, Asian.

Where are you from, Asian?

Asian, was your mom Chinese and your dad Vietnamese?

Asian, it is just a large American.

Cop is eaten by the zombie.

Is that the sound of Zombie Mayhem?

Asian, are you having an orgasm?

Asian Rambo

They do, it is called Jackie Chan.

Geeks & Gamers

09:33 PM - Kanye West SLAMS Disney's Star Wars On Joe Rogan Podcast - Praises George Lucas

Kanye: Yo Kathleen Kennedy I’m really happy for you and imma let you finish but George Lucas created the best Star Wars of all time!


09:58 PM - Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Epic Rap Battles Of History

This was a hit piece to make Trump look bad, it was full of copy and paste from the fake news regarding a bunch of lies about Trump while ignoring Biden China Collusion and Hunter having sex with little girls as seen in videos and emails.

Red Letter Media

11:52 PM - Half in the Bag: Money Plane

Mike and Jay are trapped in the VCR repair shop during the pandemic. Their TV is out and the last thing they watched was the new hit film "Money Plane" directed by Joey Lawrence's kid brother. They talk about it waaaaaaay too long.


Jordan B Peterson

02:35 AM - Return Home


09:55 AM - Got up. Coffee. Joe Rogan, Kanye West, on YouTube.


11:00 AM - 04:30 PM - Helped clean up the back of the truck and then was helping with getting the stones ready for the RV to sit on. He backed it up. We got things settled. I was then working on the stepping stones between the RV and garage. I was also getting the cement off the lawn in the backyard which was left from the mixing when the whole thing was being constructed by that other guy some days ago, like last Tuesday. I moved stones, big rocks, brocks, out of that area and moved them to the front yard by the piles of rocks and yard debris by the grapes. About 5 hours of work or so.


05:00 PM - 09:00 PM - Scanning random things of mine and things relating to family history, drawings, writings, etc. Will be publishing them as soon as I can. Was watching Trump in WI today while doing that. Dishes at 7 PM. Ice cream at 8:00 PM for ten minutes or less while watching a discovery channel like show regarding ancient history from like 1,000 BC, maybe South America or who knows where, they worshipped a spider god. They would Epstein children and people to them like we still do in some ways or in different ways. They had tombs with their belongings to take with them to the afterlife like Egyptians did. Shower at 8:20 PM. Now it is 9 PM. She rbought home a small bisquit thing.

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