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This project, KARDIACHAIN, "is an unspoken solution between chains created between old and new block chains". KARDIACHAIN ​​focuses on simple and simple procedures to guide customers and decision makers.

KARDIACHAIN ​​is an innovative development that provides a platform for different decentralized applications in different lifestyles, such as hotels, online stores, deliveries. KARDIACHAIN ​​creates a fair and unified universe and creates blocks.

KARDIACHAIN ​​offers designers the opportunity to design D applications on the KARDIACHAIN ​​platform. In this way they are connected to different inhibitors.


The main chain of "KARDIACHAIN" is a network idea where block chain companies can effectively reduce double capacity by reducing increasingly reliable and safe costs and barriers.


KARDIACHAIN ​​is designed to offer incredible flexibility to other people and to offer treatments that meet the expectations of end users. This methodology provides an instant progress and security element that helps improve simplicity and correspondence.


A reliable way to reach an agreement on the block chain is one of the essential elements of any support system for the reliable and effective sharing of simple and robust biological systems or information about money, body and mail bases. Fast and safe.

Rational development and improving practice.

• Designers can undoubtedly replace the new block chain innovation with Kardia's smart APIs, known tools and dialects.

• An understandable and well-prepared language that is the main activity of the perfect contract.

• By making a smart contract using KSML, engineers will undoubtedly send their answers to any block chain supported by our biological system.

In the modern technological world, we usually see another type of block chain that is almost always created and developed. Of course, this is a positive development for Blockchain's growing popularity, but each of these channels has been created to restore the existing block chain or to support significant changes in its technical infrastructure. If we want to move on to the next level of Blockchain technology, we must make a conscious decision to match and create existing channels. This is the purpose of KardiaChain and they are determined to achieve it.

About the Company
KardiaChain is a Blockchain, a fully scalable and compatible Blockchain platform for DApps. In this context, interoperability refers to the ability of several block chains to function and function with their functions and tasks. Together, they transcend existing boundaries by performing a more important function. This interaction process has been made possible by the double node developed by KardiaChain. With KardiaChain, developers can easily make intelligent contracts that work in multiple block chains. In addition, developers can develop DApp applications running on different block chains at the same time without having the technical knowledge to write smart contracts for these chains. KardiaChain will also create a comprehensive network of public and private block lines where the channel can interact with any other channel in the network, without changing internal communication. This ensures maximum safety while reducing costs and preventing bottlenecks.

The Benefits of KardiaChain
A project of this magnitude and importance certainly has very obvious advantages. Among them;

One of the most important advantages of the KardiaChain network is the selection of only the best and most efficient network for operation. This ensures that the network is not overloaded at this time.

The KardiaChain network enables uninterrupted interaction of all channels of the network in any way. This allowed DApps applications to specify different actions to run on different lines. With this function you can prevent blockage in a specific channel.

the deployment
KardiaChain made it easy for developers to use the network to easily switch to the new block chain technology using the familiar smartphone APIs in KardiaChain with familiar tools and languages. The team has developed an XML-based, ready-to-use language that is readable and compatible with most processes that may include a smart contract. This KSML file can be used to write intelligent contracts that can be applied to any KardiaChain network.

The experience of Blockchain technology has been simplified by the tools implemented by KardiaChain. These tools are easy to use (beginners or developers), everything about smart contracts and development, especially for new ones. Ultimately, this will lead to mass adoption, because when this road is much easier, no one wants to take the most difficult.

Thanks to the KardiaChain network, the cost is significantly reduced compared to the use of a single channel. This is guaranteed by the CMNR, which is able to make effective decisions on intelligent guidance of contracts and offers the best performance at the most competitive cost.

The project has a very interesting name - KardiaChain. Its mission is to enable all residents of our planet to use the most advanced technologies in the near future.
At the same time, modern tools can improve the quality of life in all aspects of business processes in social networks and mobile applications, providing better access to investment tools. In addition to creating a new social era and a new social process, this colorful community contributes to the enormous inclusion of block ring technology in the social community.
Design function
As for the structure of the KardiaChain platform, its diversity is sufficient. But I emphasize some of them. For example, in the case of two block chain networks in the same block to provide various capabilities to the KardiaChain platform, the development team has reached this technological consensus. Yeah, you heard it, and it doesn't look like this. I actually meet him for the first time, but the truth is.

Thanks to the two-node symbiosis, KardiaChain simultaneously captures all the information required for each transaction and provides greater security and optimization of all relevant indicators for speed and other financial costs. At the same time, all operations in the KardiaChain system are managed to the detriment of highly efficient efficient algorithmic operations, and the advanced system requires the fastest and fastest way to perform all the necessary operations.

In addition, these tools are linked to a universal smart contract specifically designed for this purpose, designed to easily adapt to any user and developer, without the need for additional skills or tools. However, this smart contract is not lower than the previous ones developed in a single price unit. This includes all components responsible for component safety and transparency, as well as appropriate storage and traceability to ensure the true authenticity of any product or action in the KardiaChain system.

Reasons to use KardiaChain in developing smart cities:
Therefore, with KardiaChain's technologies, it seems to be a smart city where everyone can work; a gap, a normal student profile, a certificate medical. Maps and other financial and investment moments. All this and more are waiting in the ecosystem of KardiaChain.

As mentioned earlier, the founders of KardiaChain have created a platform for the exchange of two Ethereum and NEO test networks. Successful association led to what was called the KAI standard marker (ERC20-NEP5). Of course, I still recommend you to examine the technical documentation of the project in detail for the sake of technical understanding. Each function and value is explained in detail.

WEBSITE: https://www.kardiachain.io
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/kardiachain
OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMEN: https://t.me/KardiaChainAnn
WHITEPAPER: http://dl.kardiachain.io/KardiaChain-WhitePaper-English.pdf
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kardiachainofficial/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/@kardiachain
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@KardiaChain
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/KardiaChain
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kardiachain
GITHUB: https://github.com/kardiachain

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