Katrina's response to marriage offers surprised everyone including Salman Khan

2년 전

Actress Viki Kishal suddenly got married to Katrina Kaif during an award-show event. Katrina's close friend, Salman Khan, was also present in this event. On the occasion of offering a wedding from Nikki, Katrina Kaif remained silent for a moment and nothing was told to him afterwards, he said, "There is no hope" Katrina Salman Khan, who was present in the event, was very interesting to say why this phrase on the wedding offer was very interesting. When Vikey offered marriage to Katrina, Salman Khan got his sister Arpeta Khan's equal Acting on the shoulder, put gold on the shoulder. They tried to show that they are boring by seeing it all9a34bfa9399abf98364b97f0093bbf82.jpg

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