Keep The Link Contest, Episode 2

2년 전

Hey everyone,

Here is my entry for @ijmmai's Photography Contest Keep The Link #2


Link Descriptions

  • The light switch allows you to turn on a lamp from a distance, just like you can control the channels and other features of your tv from a distance with a remote control;
  • The flash light relates to the tea light;
  • The silver bracelet undoubtedly links to the ring.

Best of luck to all the contestants!

Let's keep this contest going forward and up and up and up! :-)

Want to join in the fun?

You can find the original post and rules here.

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Well done. Ithink you are the first in this week's contest. You have set a high standard.

Nice banner btw :)


Cheers, mate! Next time I'll link it to my blog page... forgot about that ;-)