Tajik, who saved dozens of people in the fire in Kemerovo, received a combat medal

3년 전

The Investigative Committee of Russia awarded the native of Tajikistan Farzon Salimov, who saved dozens of people at the cost of his life in a fire in the shopping center "Winter Cherry" in Kemerovo.


Alexander Bastrykin, the head of the Russian Federation's Council of Internal Affairs, on March 31 handed the medals to Farzon Salimov and three other rescuers, who, according to him, "do more by heart than those who are obliged to do so on duty". Bastrykin stressed that these medals are military, and they are awarded to people who showed real courage.

Farzon Salimov said on April 1 in a conversation with Radio Ozodi that the award was unexpected for him. "I did not expect anything. And I already said that I saved people not for the sake of glory, I just fulfilled my human duty. But they invited me, congratulated me, gave me the award, "he said.

Although, according to Farzon, on that tragic day in the rescue of people participated and other Tajiks.
The website of the Investigation Committee notes that "employee of the shoe store Farzon Salimov, without thinking about his own safety, began to help people, leading them out of the burning building."

A few days ago, in the program "The Evening with Vladimir Solovyov" on the Russian TV channel "Russia 1" in the program dedicated to the tragic events in Kemerovo, the journalist offered to reward two natives of Tajikistan who rescued several dozen people during a fire in the "Winter Cherry" - Farzon Salimov and Mahmud Khodjayev.

"Here are two guys from Tajikistan who saved several dozen people - here they did everything they could. They are heroes, they need to be rewarded, "Solovyov said on air.

In general, five people from Tajikistan - shop workers on the second floor of the "Winter Cherry" - participated in the rescue of people trapped in a fire trap. Risking their own lives, they saved more than 50 people.

Farzon Salimov since 2003 lives in Russia. There he graduated from the university, received Russian citizenship. Currently he and his family live in the city of Kemerovo - Farzon has three children.


According to official data, 64 people were victims of the fire, 41 of them were children. The fire occurred on the last floor, where there was a children's skating rink, a large children's active park "Krucha", a cafe and a fitness club, as well as a 3D cinema with three cinemas and on Sunday there were many children. This involves a large number of minors among the dead and injured.

In connection with the fire in Kemerovo, a criminal case was instituted under articles 109, 219 and 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Causing death by negligence", "Violating fire safety requirements that caused the death of two or more persons through negligence", "Providing services that do not meet security requirements" ). Forty-nine people were recognized as victims, media reported.

The factory district court of Kemerovo arrested Nadezhda Suddenok, a tenant of the shopping and entertainment center "Winter Cherry", for two months. Also, the court sent into custody the guard of the shopping center Sergei Antyushin. According to investigators, on March 25, Antyushin did not include the fire alarm system that was in manual control in the shopping center, Tass reports from the courtroom. His guilt did not recognize the guilt. He told reporters that the alarm activation button was unsuccessful, and he informed the authorities about it.

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