Benefits of Fruit Rambai for Health

4년 전


Rambai fruit is a kind of fruit that will bear fruit in considerable amounts. This fruit also contains nutrients with benefits and good health benefits. The fruit is similar to duku fruit. The shape is small round with a yellowish brown color. The flesh is sweet enough, very good to be a healthy snack. Rambai fruit is a native fruit originating from Southeast Asia, so no wonder if you will find this fruit in Indonesia.
In addition to a healthy snack, fruit rambai proved to contain many nutrients. Although the size is small, but you can not meremkan efficacy for the body. This fruit contains water, protein, saccharose, fiber, some vitamins and other minerals. On average all the compounds contained in this fruit will nourish your body. Let us discuss further about the benefits and efficacy of rambai for the health of the body.


  1. Overcoming dehydration
    Efficacy rambai with a lot of water content that is overcoming dehydration. In addition to water, you can also try to consume this fruit for thirst release. In addition to fresh, you will get good nutrition from the nutritional content in it.

  2. The source of energy for the body
    The next benefit of rambai is as a fruit to increase the source of energy in the body. This fruit has enough vitamins and minerals and proteins that will become energy when consumed by the body. You will not easily tired or tired all day long.

  3. Keeping blood sugar levels
    Usefulness of this one rambai is able to keep blood sugar levels. This fruit does not contain excessive sugar content, so it will not raise blood sugar levels in your body. The result, you can avoid diabetes.

  4. Helps the digestive system
    The benefits of railing for digestion are supported by the fiber content in it. This fruit is a fruit with a high enough fiber content. Fiber is a good nutrient to make the process of processing food in the digestive organs more smoothly.

  5. Healthy digestive organs
    Efficacy rambai in addition to digestion is to maintain healthy organs. This fruit will improve the working function of digestive organs such as intestine and stomach. A healthy digestive organ will make your digestive system healthy too.

  6. Red eye remedy
    Red eyes are indicative of eye disorders caused by many factors, ranging from itching until there are objects that enter into it. It turns out that the efficacy of rambai is also useful for this. Blend some of these fruit and then take the juice to drip into the red eye.

  7. Nutrition of pregnant women postpartum
    Mothers who have given birth after pregnancy need plenty of nutrients to restore their health. One fruit that can be a source of healthy food pregnant women are fruit rambai. This fruit will provide extra energy and energy for pregnant women after childbirth.

  8. Cure some skin diseases
    For outer disease, efficacy rambai was also very powerful. This fruit is able to be a remedy for some skin diseases such as itching, panu, scabies, and also ringworm. The trick is very simple, just puree just this fruit then paste on the skin of the sick.

  9. Anti oxidants
    The function of this important fruit can be a source of food to protect you from the effects of free radicals, namely anti-oxidants. This fruit will slowly form the defense of your body's cells so as not to cause cell damage due to free radicals.

  10. Prevent cancer
    Rambai fruit can also be a fruit used to prevent cancer. This disease should be a disease that should be avoided early. For that, you can eat fruit this one as a preventive cancer malignant.

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