Kgcoin upvotes if you are interested please read all thank you

29일 전

Hello everyone so tomorrow I'm going to start exchanging tokens for upvotes the first week will be for people who stake at least 100 kgcoin token's I will be offering a one cent upvote to 10 people a day please follow all rules to use this

Buy kgcoin token's


1 must stake 100 kgcoin token's

2 send 1 kgcoin token @kgcoin

3 comment on this post

If you are interested in this please comment below also if you are staking over 100 kgcoin token's and are not receiving your free upvote please take a screenshot and share in the comment section one more thing when you are sending a kgcoin token for a upvote please comment a 1-10 if you are the first comment 1 all the way up to 10 to make it easier for people to see how many votes are left for the day so please remember if you see some one comment 10 and I reply that means there are no more votes for that day in the future I will be increasing the amount of votes and the vote value all votes exchanged for kgcoin token's will come from @kgakakillerg until I build up enough power to do it here all automatic votes come from @kgcoin all token sales Will be used to powerup and buy steempower delegation thank you for taking the time to read this post if you have any questions suggestions advice please feel free to comment

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