Calling All Artists! “Kill The Messenger” Cover Art and Banner Contest (100 SBD in Prizes)

4년 전

KTM ART2.jpg

Kill The Messenger

We’ve just officially launched “Kill the Messenger” for the #Unity4J / Free Assange campaign.

@jamesgetsit and myself co-wrote this hip-hop track in support of Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

The track is receiving a warm reception across the board, Julian Assange’s Twitter account has retweeted the track, and it has become the official theme song of the #Unity4J 38hr online vigil happening NOW!

Visit the official #unity4j website for the latest stream links


Be sure to check out and support our Steemit Official Release announcement posted by @jamesgetsit.

You can hear the full version of the track on Soundcloud and on the new music blockchain Choon.

A music video for Kill The Messenger is in the works by another talented collaborator @fortified. So be on the lookout for that in the coming days!

Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained for over 6 years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, in violation of his human rights. Now, the new Ecuadorian government has cut off all of Assange’s communication with the outside world.

What can we do? How can you get involved?

“Kill The Messenger” Cover Art and Banner Contest

100 SBD in Prizes!!


Contest Categories

There are two prizes for this contest and we’ll award 50 SBD to the winning submission for these 2 categories:

1) Cover Art / Thumbnail for “Kill the Messenger”

  • The Cover Art will be used as a Thumbnail on Itunes, Spotify and other mp3 and streaming sources.

2) A Social Media Banner / Header for “Kill the Messenger”

  • The Banner/Header will be used on social media platforms to promote “Kill the Messenger” such as Steemit, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • The Banner should be made available in different formats to suit different social media sites.

    Note: It is possible for a contestant to win both of the 50 SBD prizes

Bonus @v4vapid upvotes for select participants!


Create ORIGINAL Cover Art and/or Banner for “Kill The Messenger”

Make a separate post to showcase your art

You must resteem this post to be eligible for prizes

You must use the lead tag ‘killthemessenger’

Deadline is at 7 day payout of this post (UTC - Sunday July 15th 2018th @12:35)

Briefly explain why #Unity4J is important to you

Clearly Identify which category you want your art to be considered for

• Cover Art

• Banner - (Must contain several formats)

• Both – (Must contain several formats and Cover Art and Banner should be mutually distinct)



Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Very nice @charisma777. Good luck in the contest! 😇

Love the track...added it to my Steemit Musicians playlist on Choon!
That's awesome about the tweet too....looking forward to the video!

Here's my fast n' dirty doohicky... It's not really a submission. More of a show of solidarity through some tongue in cheek challenge pissing.

killthemessenger fast n dirty.jpg

Hi! Steemians here is my entry:

cover art here:



Alternate version:



banner art here:




OMG! How fun! If I have time during my travels, I'll try and enter. Resteemed anyways so more people can hear about this cool contest! :)

Here's my entry for the Cover Art / Thumbnail for "Kill The Messenger"


Thumbnail on Itunes
File format can be JPEG or PNG
Dimensions: 1400x1400 pixels

spotify thumbnail.jpg

Thumbnail on Spotify
File size: 4MB
File Format: JPEG
Dimensions: 300x300 pixels


Here's my entry for the Social Media Banner / Header for “Kill the Messenger”

facebook cover photo desktop.jpg

Facebook Cover Photo for Desktop
Dimensions: 851x315 pixels

facebook cover photo mobile.jpg

Facebook Cover Photo for Mobile
Dimensions: 640x360 pixels

steemit cover.jpg

Steemit Cover Photo
Dimensions: 1280x191 pixels


Facebook Profile Picture for Desktop
Dimensions: 170x170 pixels

facebook pp mobile.jpg

Facebook Profile Picture for Mobile
Dimensions: 128x128 pixels

twitter header.jpg

Twitter Header
Dimensions: 1500x500 pixels

twitter pp.jpg

Twitter Profile Picture
Dimensions: 400x400 pixels

photo feed twitter.jpg

Twitter Photo Feed
Dimensions: 506x253 pixels


I love this @eromose-le.
Cool and matured designs



I will make more banner sizes tomorrow, once I figure out what todays banner sizes are. (i'm blocking ads for so damn long that I no longer have a clue what banners look like these days. LOL

I'm anxious to participate, what a great contest, I'm busy preparing my entry that's great


Thank for you Sir


I do not understand, thanks for what?


I already made my entry, I hope you like to collaborate with this artist

Hello everyone, here I leave my participation for the cover and for the banner of "Kill The Messenger"

COVER Uni.jpg

banner kill.jpg

wohoo nice one done


that's really awesome @jayboi!! had that 007 feel😃


awesome job on this one👌👌

Freaking love the song! Way to represent, @v4vapid!


Cheers, thank you!

Hai @v4vapid, what is the size of the cover art and banner that must be made by the contestants?


Hi @putri12, you can find the correct dimensions for different social media banner sizes and thumbnails with a quick search.
For example, type in "Twitter Banner Size" - and you'll get a number of results.

here's a good one for 2018

For a Twitter banner/header the optimal size is 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall.

Hope this helps :)


thank you very much for the information :)


If I want to make cover art and banner, do I have to make two different posts?


No, you can put them together in 1 post. Just make sure to let us know which is which, thanks ;)


Pls when is the announcement of the contest winner

Amazing! I'm in. I'll definitely design something awesome. I don't know much about #Unity4j though.

This is so interesting and revolutionizing that people are using Steemit as a freelancing website. People are getting work here- writing posts, creating editing videos, creating music, banners.. and what is even more fascinating is that we are getting paid in virtual currency.. This is the adoption blockchain supporters at last want.. switch from fiat to crypto..
I feel good to be alive to witness this revolution!! And seriously @steemit bravo for building such a platform!!


Nice follow me

Huge prize for this one! I hope you get a raft of quality entries :)


Thanks Asher!
We already got one entry and looks pretty sick.
Can't wait to see what comes out of this.


Great stuff. The prize should hopefully encourage plenty of entries and I think you'll enjoy deciding on the best work.

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you. — Thomas Jefferson

Highly rEsteemed!

2016 will commence Again!


My enrty for the art cover
Hopes for best

Gif format,


Jpg fomat


Am in because truth will always prevail

This s is My gif for kill the messenger art contest.
Social media banner

We will not stop until justice is achieved for Julian.

Es una buena idea. Estaré pendiente para participar.
That's a good idea. I'll be waiting to participate.

Esta genial, me uniré... éxito a todos

Great Art .. followed and upvoted.
plz follow me thanks!

  ·  4년 전

I can't wait to get into this contest. Am working on it now. Freedom is all we Julian

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@v4vapid, I've seen all the work of my friends, I'm not expert in designing, successful for the winner yes. :)


@v4vapid its amazing that many people who r passionate about art, painting, creating music and lot r also getting opportunity to show there telant. They also very a platform where they can earn even with posts.

Sharing a very nice post Sir Your new post I liked you many each of your posts are very fit and is very beautiful. You have learning a lot from you Sir My side

OMG! How fun! If I have time during my travels, I'll try and enter. Resteemed anyways so more people can hear about this cool contest! :)

Exceptional contest, I will participate in this chart contest 🙌💪

More inspirations keep coming.

But all 4 #unity4j.

There is no stopping until julian is given due right and compensationsvideotogif_2018.07.13_13.16.31.gif

Cover art.

Added to the "steemit-competitions" channel on our Discord.

Great work @v4vapid.
This is the link to my cover art/Banner entry.
#Unity4J is a great initiative that wii expand the steemit Blockchain.
This is my entry for Banner in GIF


This is my entry for cover art/thumbnail


This is my entry for Banner in JPG

Hope You like it

Great work @v4vapid.
This is the link to my cover art/Banner entry.
#Unity4J is a great initiative that wii expand the steemit Blockchain.
This is my entry for Banner in GIF


This is my entry for cover art/thumbnail


This is my entry for Banner in JPG

Hope You like it