"SPLINTERLANDS" Fantasy and Music Writing Contest // Week 30 // The Rebellion of Furious Chickens ๐Ÿ˜ 

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All the chickens and chickens were gathered under the shade of a large tree on that Splinterlands farm. The Furious Chicken Captain, landed in front of everyone and began to speak.

-We have gathered all the chickens and chickens, because there is something we must eradicate.

A silly chicken raised her hand and added:

-The patriarchy of chicken?
-Do not! -Said the Furious Chicken Captain-, what we must eradicate is that they kill us to make fried chicken.

The same silly chicken raised her hand again:

-Then we are fighting so they don't make us fried chicken, then like ... Roast?
-DO NOT! Shouted Captain Furious Chicken. No fried chicken, no roast chicken. They don't even kill us. We must reveal ourselves, do our revenge against the monsters of Splinterlands and we will not fear even the legendary ones.

The whole chicken and chicken pen began to laugh out loud.

-What are they laughing at? Trust yourself and you will win! I am just a few steps away from level 5 and I will learn Enrage.

All the chickens and chickens in the corral rolled on the floor of the laugh, even the worms that were soon to be the lunch of the chickens, cried with laughter at that statement.

-Oh, look at me, look at me! They said by way of mockery. I am Captain Furious Chicken level 5 and I will soon be enraged, tremble Ruler Of The Sea, tremble Black Dragon, tremble Lord Arianthus!

And they kept laughing until they fell asleep from fatigue.

Captain Furious Chicken left angry and disappointed in the group he planned to lead, so he decided to embark on his journey himself. It was promised that he would defeat a Legendary and bring him in front of them, so he would change his mind and would have to ask forgiveness on his knees, and in turn, kissing his chicken legs.

The days and days went by and the 10 fights he had, 9 lost, but he gradually gained experience until he reached level 8.


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After so much wandering around and not accepting the fried chicken that they sold everywhere in each part, he found a worthy rival. MAGNOR , the legendary giant. He himself lay eating fried chicken, which angered the Furious Chicken Captain. He pounced on it and shot him down. MAGNOR , from the scare he jumped so high that when he fell back, the earth shook several miles.

-Who's there ...? Out! .he said while hiding behind small trees that barely covered him.
-It's me, the Furious Chicken Captain who comes to defeat you.
-But why don't I see you?
-I'm down here and I will defeat you.

When MAGNOR looked down, he cast such an effeminate shout that he fainted with fear. The Furious Chicken Captain was so excited and brave, he didn't know until later that the giant MAGNOR was afraid of small animals, was his biggest terror.

By the time MAGNOR he woke up, got up and saw nothing, he was tied up with his hands and his eyes bandaged. The chicken was in his head and told him with authority to walk where he told him. MAGNOR , tremendously scared because he had the chicken on top, he listened and so, after so much walking, he arrived at the corral where the other mocking and silly chickens were.

It's not a bird! -announced a chicken looking up-, It's not a plane! It's the furious chicken that brings the defeated giant!
-Aha, bellacas, as promised is debt! Here I brought this cruel, bloodthirsty and weak legendary defeated by me.

MAGNOR knelt trembling before all the chickens, his fear of small animals had weakened his legs. He was prostrated in front of the chicken and chicken pen. They, surprised, kept muttering their disbelief among themselves, until little by little they were taking courage and began to praise the furious chicken captain.

That great thirst for battle and courage infused, caused many to level up and be strong chickens and chickens. Some were golden, others simply reached the maximum level: 8.

Now my brave furious chickens! To hunt more legendary than the list is long.

And as a rider on his horse, all the furious chickens mounted on the back of MAGNOR , which in turn began riding on 4 legs in search of another epic battle between furious and legendary chickens.

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I had a lot of fun making this entry for the contest, I hope you also understand my mood. Well, this post is probably translated for the contest, since my native language is Spanish. I affirm that I had to make an objective comedy, without colloquial words from my country so that everyone could understand them, especially in English.

Thanks for reading and have a golden chicken!


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