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Hello everyone, still in good health, and doing their daily activities runs smoothly.

My trip today, helping a friend go to the city of Panton Labu, northern Aceh. For the management of making BNI Bank Account Books, on the trade street no. 5 Panton Labu Aceh Utara. We arrived at the BNI area at 9 30 WIB immediately entered the BNI Office waiting room, taking a queue number at the guard desk. After taking the number looking for a seat waiting to be called by officers. To submit the documents that we have prepared. Conditions in the waiting room complete the administration of the application for a bank account in the name of MUZAKIR.

Not long after that the account book that we asked on Kunter 3 on behalf of MUZAKIR was ready, then my friend went to the quanter to take the Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Account Book, finished.

Ready all business at Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) then we went home, and stopped by in a small town to see the conditions in the afternoon, busy visitors who come shopping for preparation to break the fast.



This picture is one of the most beautiful things we imagined in the afternoon. Along the way many traders are serving visitors coming to buy the preparation menu for breaking the fast.

As we can see that today visitors are busy shopping, the first is preparation for breaking the fast or for other purposes.

There is no merchandise left because the conditions are very crowded today. Today's revenue is very good because all merchandise is exhausted by visitors.

Although the current epidemic of Covid-19 (corona virus), has spread all over the world, traders sell a variety of iftar menus, there are no obstacles, walking what is expected! We also prepared several iftar break menus at the JSK Kupie caffee.




This afternoon we break the fast together at JSK Kupie on Jalan Medan-Banda Aceh Km. 317. With friends establishing close ties of friendship with close friends, of course, like the program we made at JSK Kupie, today breaking fast together, many people often mention bukber

This is the atmosphere at the JSK Kupie before breaking fast time, many rooms are empty, more or less iftar time, another hour, just arrived. Friends break the fast together one by one coming to this place

Like this month, which is full of blessings to tie the kinship, with friends more tightly, of course, like today's program, breaking the fast together, or the person who is often called a bukber.

The breaking fast together with the place we used at JSJ Kupie. Friends all gather and take place that has been provided by the executive committee. Everyone gathered for the sake of increasing the friendship and sharing experiences of fellow friends here all joined in happy.

There are several menus prepared by the organizing committee in the JSK Kupie room which are neatly organized on the table. Comrades are waiting for your break fasting time, pick up food of your own taste, all who come today are excited and happy to gather like this.

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A wonderful day of business and pleasure with friends, I would say that it was very productive, @F21Steem!! Beautiful photography also, it's a window to your city, people and colors, thanks for share!!

The best wishes for you and yours, @F21Steem!!

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Hello, @leveuf I am glad to hear from you about my post today. Always having fun, and passionate about carrying out activities on the project-community platform, and this comment is very valuable to @ f21steem

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Best wishes for your day, dear @F21Steem!! :)


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