The “new world“ Coryana lives in

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Almost 2 decades have passed since the Neo-Revolution won against the Statute. The current times are referred to as peaceful, but during this transition from the Statutes rule to peace, not everything is clear yet!

People have been freed from their predecided jobs and fate, except for the engineered individuals without natural offspring, they have to continue to do their jobs. The population no longer soley exists of engineered individuals. The new generations are born naturally instead of being engineered. Though the number of the “born generation“ is still low, the number of born individuals will inevitably continue to increase, while the engineered population will decline.

The history of the Statutes control period, Cryog, Knitrias Maryana, as well as the Neo-Revolution have been classified as top secret by the current government. The only ones who know about the dark past, are the people who lived through it. The time period in which the Statute had governed the world is known as the “oppressive period“, but noone dares to talk about it.
The last generation of engineered humans, is Coryanas generation. Even Coryanas generation was raised without knowing anything about what happened between the Neo-Revolution and the Statute. The majority of the population have chosen to abandon history and act as if the oppressive period had never happened.

There is still a small group of people who still talk amongst each other about the longevity code and longevity algorithm, these people are the last human engineers in existance. Coryanas generation, although they were engineered, grew up knowing nothing about the code or algorythm.

The “born generation“ is treated as special and privileged, thus the children grow up to be quite arrogant. The population, although it still consists mostly of engineered individuals, are looking forward to a world in which only naturally born humans exist. It is believed, that when the last engineered human dies, they can truly leave the oppressive period buried in the past.
The current generation of parents of naturally born children stopped viewing engineered people who, are not parents, as humans. The current generation of parents is the first generation of humans with natural offspring, thus they themselves were engineered.

A new Age is dawning and a rift is forming. In this new era, engineered People without natural offspring are used and end up suffering from humiliation. There is already a huge difference between the “engineered race“ and the “born race“. While the engineered humans have to continue their predecided destinies, the “born race“ is allowed to choose their education and later on their studies as well as their jobs freely. Schools, Universities and Workplaces are being built for the new generations all across the world.
The engineered race still has to work in labratories, they may not choose to change their jobs, Coryanas generation got to choose their specifications, but that was the only free choice they have.

Highly developed birthing homes were designed for the goal of the population, to give the new generations the best possible start.

Although you’d expect peace to be established after such oppresive times, it seems as though the oppression has just shifted from all of the population, to the engineered individuals.
There are a minority group of engineered people, who believe in equality and often argue about whether or not it is fair to oppress all engineered people who have no natural offspring.
Coryana was taken in by a couple who belonged to that minority group when she was 2 years old. The couple that took her in also had a natural born child 3 years after they took Coryana in, but they did not discriminate between Coryana and their biological child Sophie.
Since Coryanas “parents“ knew well about the rift that was getting wider and wider between the two races, they decided to raise her as their own daughter. They kept it a secret that she was from the last generation of engineered humans.

When Coryana was 6 years old, her parents decided to tell her about her origins, they also told Coryana of the importance to keep it a secret. They wanted to protect Coryana, but at the same time they felt she would figure it out sooner or later on her own. They hoped, that if Coryana knew and understood that it had to be kept a secret, she would be safer.

The newly built schools were in need of students, since not many born children were old enough to learn yet, the classes were divided into wide age ranges. First grade was for children from the age of 6-9, later on there would be more classes always following the pattern of the 3 year gap. So far Coryana was one of the oldest children in that school, so only the first grade was available at that time.

When Coryana was 8 years old and went to one of the newly built schools for the natural offspring, an incident happened which caused Coryana to expose her origins. On this day children of the born race were talking bad about the engineered race, Coryana got angry and as she yelled to defend her race, she made a mistake. Coryana reffered to the engineered race as „our race“.
After that incident occured, Coryana was taken from her parents, she was only allowed to take her stuffed sheep doll with her. From this point on Coryanas life changed drastically, she was put in an education hall inside the Labratory where the children were raised and educated. She was forced to study science and could only choose her specification.

Coryanas Parents were sentenced to death for hiding an individual of the engineered race and belonging to the minority group. Sophie, the natural born child of her parents, was taken and given up for adoption to other parents.

Coryana had no chance of escape, she had to do as she was told. If Coryana had tried to escape she would’ve ended up on the street to fend for herself, the probablity of her meeting kind hearted people belonging to the minority group like her former parents, was too slim.

Coryana was very intelligent, she knew she would have an easier life, if she acts according to the rules and follow the path given to her. She started to write a diary when she was 16. She was deemed a genius and studied genetics when she was 17 years old. She was plagued by the question who engineered her and why, since she was taken from her parents. Genetics seemed to be the only way to find her answers.

By the time Coryana was 23 years old, she was no longer satisfied with just having the questions in her mind, she had to finally find answers. But it was and is to this day very dangerous to touch something that is hidden in the shadows…

Since the oppressive period is top secret, everyone who discovers something about it, is sentenced to death.

Will Coryana find the answers she is so desperately looking for?
And will she be able to survive if she discovers the hidden truth?

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Dankeschön @Leveuf

Wow!! He estado leyendo con gran atención todas las circunstancias que planteas en esta fase de tu relato. Has descubierto varias conexiones que le dan aún más sentido al capítulo anterior. Espacios, relaciones, sociedad. Ya que conocemos la historia de sufrimientos por los que Coryana ha pasado se vuelven comprensibles sus dudas y la necesidad de responderlas.

Los ciclos se renuevan, los signos se reacomodan, ¿buscará Coryana como Knitrias una escapatoria a este encierro?

Muchas felicidades por este nuevo episodio para el reto Ramas de la Longevidad de la Comunidad del Proyecto Knitrias.

¡Muchos abrazos, @Rashia, que tengas una excelente semana! :)

@tipu curate !trdo

PS1: Knitrias says that a little markdown would be fenomenal on your awesome posts. ;)
PS2: Tell me if you have trouble with the translator :)


I am honoured that you are that interested in my branch! It's all thanks to your story that I could come up with Coryanas story.
It's also thanks to @knitrias comment on my first part that I saw the potential for the rift in society.

You naughty person to force me to use the translator, tz,tz,tz. Hehe 🤣

Thank you sooo much for your opinion, it means alot to me. Due to the small amount of votes, I was wondering if I didn't write it well.

And what does knitrias mean with the markdowns?

By the way, the answer if Coryana will follow in Knitrias footsteps will be revealed in about 2-3 weeks if the challenge stays.

Have a lovely day.

Ps: the next part will be the continuation of her diary 😉


You have done an excellent writing!! The thing with the votes is little complicated right now due to the halt in many services. But surely that will be addressed soon!

I mean you can consider the balance between substance and presentation. Your substance is wonderful, amazing. A little formatting with markdown would make it excellent!! 👩‍🎓

Oh, my Quantum God!! I'll need to wait two weeks to know! My anxiety will suffer but I'm sure it worth!!

I send you well wishes dear @Rashia, for every project and life!!


Hahahahahahahaha. Don't worry this week the diary will continue, you just need to wait two weeks to know if she follows knitrias footsteps 😁.

You won't have to wait two weeks for the story to continue in general. Don't you want to know what Coryana discovers in the recordings and how she reacts?

Today I will do my depression post, but here is something for you two to wonder about, there are 5 recordings in my branch, which secrets will the 5th recording reveal?😏

Oh and @knitrias, what is markdown?


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That's great write up! Thanks for sharing with us!


Thank you. If you want to read the first part of my branch it's ( , this is the second part and the third part of my branch is (

I hope you'll enjoy it. I would appreciate it, if you would read the other parts as well 😁