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  • The most important words come from the heart. Writing style can be direct, poetic, abstract, etc. People like to read texts that are unusual, interesting, different. I'll take one example : " We walked by the river, your eyes were joyful " . We can say this in different ways - The river was touching your steps, your eyes were absorbed by the stars...Your legs were laughing with the river, your eyes are the rules of the wave...

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  • It is interesting that we can meet people who have different styles, adventures and approaches to writing a blog. In order to have inspiration we had to read a lot, the more different styles we know it will bring more success to our development. We teach the whole life, everyone we know is a new link in our success. The most important thing for success in life is good communication. This means that we need to write, communicate and give as much comments to other bloggers.

  • I love the abstract style of writing, I like to achieve marketing points. Everything in life is selling, we selling our knowledge for the time - we have our material value. The goal is to increase our value, this is achieved with constant work, persistence and discipline. Try to free your spirit, relax and write from the soul. People like to reward original work, text that raises energy and enthusiasm.

  • Competition for the end - The best comment gets 1 SBD.

From Heart @dobartim

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In 1956 the Russian poet Vadim Shefner wrote the poem "Words" . There are lines like - "words can kill, words can save,
Words can shelves behind the story." . It is a pity that I can not afford to translate the whole poem into English. It is very well said about the power of words, its meaning for each of us. About how words can affect our lives. " word, you can sell and deliver, and to buy,
The word can be in smashing lead pour." I understand the meaning of the word in our speech and writing. It's a huge opportunity, a huge potential for communication, a tool for communication. But you have to be careful not to turn this tool of harm. Thank you @dobartim that made me think about it. :)


I love these beautiful, precise, poetic and real words. The Russians have a strong school of writing, a very talented people. Thank you Marina

I've found your words to be mesmerizing and left me desiring that I should, perhaps, look inward to search a more meaningful way to express my feelings and thoughts!


Explain how exactly do you mean? @deerjay


Your words have meaning and it is easy to say easy but why not say effortless? With minimal thought it is easy or with an open mind it can become effortless. Reading can open the mind to different ways of saying the same thing but in a more meaningful way.


Exellent explanation

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)


Thank you very much

I also enjoy different writing styles and I love to use the thesaurus as it helps me to use new words.


The dictionary is necessary for proper writing, I accept errors, I like to be honest. The form does not need to replace the substance. Thanks for exellent advice :) @kus-knee

That is a good post! I love to write. My favorite thing in the world is paper...

I'm out of steem power, but I can afford to leave you a funny gif! Have a great weekend!


Thanks for exellent comment