Kodak launching its own token/coin

5년 전

Yesterday news hit the market, apparently Kodak planning to start KodakCoin.

Exciting to see number of mainstream companies starting to explore cryptocurrencies and ways to integrate or create token or do ICOs. I think most of these businesses can use SMT, so point them to https://smt.steem.io

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Few days ago Facebook mentioned exploring cryptocurrencies...

Exciting times are coming!

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@sanat It will be interesting to see how popular their coin will be or if people will just look at it as a Novelty...............

Kodakcoin. Embracing the crypto market might have been there best decision to date. Seems like they finally decide that adapting to new technology is better than hindering it like they did to the digital camera. Well done Kodak.

I believe this will come across as a farce to most crypto users. First off, how many crypto users are even familiar with Kodak? Their brand has been old news since digital cameras came into mainstream use. And that is a long time ago now, as most casual photographers use their phones rather than a traditional camera. Frankly, I'm surprised Kodak has survived this long in a market that has been turned on its head since the inception of smart phones. This gimmick will do nothing to change the company's long-term fortunes.


It sounds to me like the same idea of the "long island tea company" changing its name to "long island blockchain" for the purpose of reviving interest in their company.

Looking forward to that. I'll sure point them to https://smt.steem.io

Kodak has always represented innovation that is approachable while delivering the craft of filmmaking.

I don't know if it is the same famous Kodak that produces cameras. However , they are welcome. They are enough spaces to accmmodate their currency in the maney martket. I follow and upvote you.

Looking forward to meeting the kodacoins

after this news kodak stocks surged massively. power of blockchain

I guess it will be all about uploading photos

Also heard yesterday news about Telegram launching their own blockchain.

@sanat Any thoughts on that?

Was actually surprised when I saw Kodak launching their coin, I kind of thought Kodak is already long gone as a business. Curious how this will actually help their company.

  ·  5년 전

They found a nice niche area, with images for professional use. Apart from that it's nothing new, and just another crypto which will be difficult to buy and trade.

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency Kodakcoin
If it finally hit the market

Im going in! Kodak is huge...

I'm looking forward to Kodakcoins

Kodakcoin. Dead on arrival.

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See how Kodak stock skyrocketed after the announcement:

This is a screenshot taken from Google showing price action of the last 365 days.