Koh Chang: Beauty on the Beach

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In the event that you've seen the film Collateral, featuring Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise, you could recall how Foxx, a cabbie, overcomes the difficult situations in his day to day existence. Cut to the sun visor in his taxi is a photograph of delightful island. While he's inclination blue or having a not exactly heavenly day, he takes a gander at the photograph and it removes him from his inconveniences and assists him with recollecting there is something else to life besides driving a taxi.


Perhaps you've mulled over everything at some time; palm trees, white sandy sea shores, and a gem blue ocean, tasting a cool lager and taking everything in? As far as some might be concerned, Pattaya is too in front of you, Koh Samui and Phuket excessively touristy and Hua Hin is simply missing the "it" factor. Or on the other hand, perhaps you've proactively been to these spots and are only searching for a change. Whatever the explanation, assuming you are searching for that ideal escape, I have quite recently the spot for you - and I'm reluctant to enlighten you. Call me self centered yet I love the spot and need everything for my own - Koh Chang.


Koh Chang is roughly six hours from Bangkok via land. You can fly Bangkok Air to local Trat (an hour and five minutes) but you'll have to take a melody thaew to the wharf and afterward the ship to Koh Chang. A full circle departure from Bangkok to Trat will cost you around 6000 baht. Minibusses to Ao Thammachat dock are given for nothing by Bangkok Airways.

A less expensive option is take one of the many cooled transports (250 baht) accessible at either Ekkamai or Mor Chit stations. The transport will take you to Trat and travel time is around five hours. Take a melody thaew to Ao Thammachat dock and afterward snatch a ship to the island. Furthermore, there are vans accessible from Khao San Road and somewhere else beginning at 500 baht for each individual.


Ships to and from the island run at regular intervals from 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM everyday; the expense is 120 baht every heading. The outing goes by rapidly and there is food and drink accessible.

When you arrive at the island, take a tune thaew to your last objective. Charges run somewhere in the range of 50 and 80 baht relying upon whether you go to the closest ocean side, White Sand Beach (15 minutes), or one of the farthest, Lonely Beach (80 baht). Regardless of where you choose to go, promptly after landing you'll be compensated with stunning tropical landscape. Where you choose to remain is completely a question of individual inclination however the island is similarly near heaven as you will find anyplace on the planet and you won't be disheartened. There is barely sufficient advancement to satisfy your fundamental requirements - indeed, there's web and satellite TV - however the island is still moderately lacking.


Whether you're searching for modest, Spartan cottages or four and five-star resorts, there's a full scope of facilities on Koh Chang.

The White Sand region of the island is seemingly the most evolved; Klong Prao and Kai Bae has superbly evaluated four and five-star inns with similarly tremendous sea sees. Forlorn Beach, while as of now not exactly as desolate as it used to be has still figured out how to hold back from transforming into an overdeveloped traveler objective. Forlorn Beach is the favored hiker objective with pristine sea shores, low valued homes and farther away from the dock than the more evolved White Sand Beach.


The White Sand region of the island is an incredible spot to bring the family. Calm but with an adequate number of little eateries and stores to keep you occupied - basically for a couple of days. You can likewise do what I did - nothing - other than laying around on the ocean front, tasting brew.

There are no gigantic shopping centers or cinemas on the island - however there is all that anyone could need to do. In the event that you burnt out on drinking at one of the bountiful Tiki bars along the ocean side, or glutting yourself with fish, you can continuously go on an outing to one of the various cascades on the island. The Than Mayom cascade comprises of four levels is likely the most well known of the cascades on the island. Furthermore, you can swim in the huge pool that rests before the falls. One more cascade worth venturing out to is the three-level Klong Plu cascade. Similarly as with any cascade you climb to, be cautious - the Klong Plu falls are very tricky and the last thing you want to destroy your vacation is to tumble from fifty meters.


Koh Chang has great food, reasonably evaluated facilities, phenomenal view, and a laid-back environment. For the people who care, there is a bar scene. It doesn't exactly match the nightlife of Phuket or Pattaya however for a semi-abandoned tropical island, it's all that could possibly be needed.

The most awful thing about Koh Chang - the excursion back to Bangkok.

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