Koitech Studio is project for P2P , P2C , C2C transaction

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You know many P2P , P2C , C2C are really important for industries 4.0 but many project for that . Today ,I’m going to talk to you about Koitech Studio project and you will know all out of Koitech Studio .

What is Koitech Studio project?
That is a new project of facilitate transaction P2P , P2C, C2C on the online . They application blockchain technology into your project so it is really convenient ,fast and secure for any people apply with them now.
Thay want to impetus to development blockchain and people will be immediately to take avantages of its potential .
Koitech Studio want to change weeknesses of the current market , that is charge of analyzing of Koitech .Fortunately ,they want to innovative project and helping access for all to a transparent .
Why do you invest Koitech Studio ?

The first : Koi will be increase in the future so they have contemplated the project and many profits for any investors and traders to investment on Koitech Studio now.
The second : Koi application ERC20 so they will providing multiple imcome options for any people were holders . However ,they have solution for users , that is require transparency .
Finally : Koi will share with 20% in bonues and prices discounts for investors and traders when they buy and hold you token . ( 264.444 Koi = 1ETH )
How to investment on Koitech Studio ?

There are 3 plans for you ,
Blue : $10
Orange : $5.000
Black $500.000

You can choose those plans for you and investment with prices and bonues and the profits for investors and traders .
How doest it works ?
You know many people don’t know blockchain technology and what is require transparency now . That is a reason , Koitech Studio will help them for that . Koitech Studoi is going to create a big community with ecosystem for that and many people will buy you token and Koi token will be circulates.
For example : IF you don’t know how to transfers P2P on the online then you searching on the online but many project for that and decentralized many major . When you application Koitech studion, they will be help you for that so they are a new generation of P2P , P2C , C2C , you can transfers to easily with them.
Whereas, you can be transaction with Koitech Studio when you application with them now.
They are going to create Virtual POS/Wallet on mobile for you so don’t have many people don’t have laptop or computer , they are always applying phone cause they want to create app and many people can view for that.
Fortunately, they’d like development of a platform for video game and inevitable you must to use Koi token for that.
Before that , they want to connection technology in crypto market.
Road map of Koi

May 2019 : Ends ICO , start token sale
June 2019 : Sign up in exchange
July 2019 : cryptogame ERC 721
August 2019 : start development sport community
October 2019 : Sport community marketing research
December 2019 : annual report
And 2020 ...

Team working :

Jesús Morán : CEO / Founder
J.M. Márquez : CEO / Founder
Jesús Monsalve : CCO
Victor M.Márquez : CMO

--> In my opinion , this project is really well for you . Koitech Studion is pontential and opportunity for any people need to P2P , P2C , C2C on the online .

Follow them :
ANN thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5117318.0
Webiste : https://koitechstudios.com/
Whitepaper : https://www.koitechstudios.com/assets/whitepaper/AF-Koitech-Whitepaper-en.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/koitoken
My bitcoin talk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2287645;
Token sale : https://www.koitechstudios.com/en/registro.php

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